Eclipse resources according the Wellsboro Gazatte.

Quite an interesting article written about the deal and how it affect the landowners

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Eclipses recent investor presentation has much info about this area. They state that the Utica dry gas in this area has greater potential than SE Ohio's dry gas area. Surprising to hear such lofty accolades. Great news for Tioga/Potter counties.

Lu and I received a phone call from Eclipse Energy informing us that workers would be on our property familiarizing themselves with the pipeline.  There was a smaller pipeline laid on top of the ground that was to carry water. Eventually that waterline was to be buried along side of the gas pipeline that already is buried.

So maybe Eclipse is making plans to  expand the Painter well unit and drill another well. Maybe in the not too distant future hopefully.



Granddad Ladd

thanks, I would not have known about this as we don't get the paper. 

Except for my stepdaughter and her mate, I would not have known either. Many months ago Someone said that Travis Peake  was pulling out. And I posted it here asking for confirmation. Previous to that, one of the Painter farm workers said that as soon as a larger drilling rig could be brought in, another well would be put down a few feet away from the first one. This was scheduled to be done by the end of the year (2017).  The only activity I have seen were a few tanker trucks and fresh cinders spread on their access road to the well site.

I was offline for a couple weeks over Christmas and New Years and was unable to stay up to date on the situation.


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