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i8 wheelers with steel boxes have been traveling on the area roads. Other tanker trucks with nipples along the bottom are traveling in the area too. I have no idea what these particular tankers are hauling. Fracking fluid perhaps? Two or three have been observed heading to Painter well from time to time. Tri axles dump trucks can by seen most anytime.  And lots of white pickup trucks from time to time.

Excitement is rising at least for me. Hopefully everything turns out to be a huge successful venture for all of us in that unit!!

Granddad Ladd

Nice to have a little positive news today OT. Lu Ann had a bit of a health episode and went to the hospital. Hopefully she comes back home Thursday (Today)…..

My son celebrated his 33 birthday yesterday. LU had planned a little celebration. Too much excitement I guess. 

So I likely will not be able to spend much time counting sand box trucks. But I do hear them struggling to get up the hill

Granddad Ladd

Thank you Old Timer.  I just found out She has to be transferred to another hospital for additional treatment. 

Granddad Ladd

Lu seems upbeat this morning. Before we finished conversation, they were ready to wheel her out for tests.

A problem here at home! A very large hickory tree fell over. tree is close to two feet in diameter and maybe sixty feet tall. Came within about 15 feet from corner of house.. But top is right up against our outdoor furnace.  Somehow I have got to get top limbs away from furnace before leaves get too dry.  Lots of hickory nuts on ground ready for drying and snacking on!  Lots of great firewood if I can manage to get it worked up

Granddad Ladd

A very large pumping noise is issuing from the Painter Well site.  Have not heard it before this morning. I wonder if these well bores have sections that have to be fracked one at a time? Or are there plugs that need to be bored out one at a time and sections fracked at a time.

Another question I have is how do they  steer the drilling point around curves or where they want it to go?

The mechanics it is just as interesting to me as all the other phases and considerations  are. 

Just a curious old man

Grandad Ladd

A Tetra crew was at the river withdrawal site last evening about 6:00 Pm.  Cant miss seeing them with their bright blue coveralls!  Rain all night so plenty of water should be available for replacing impoundment supply!  And Lu Ann is back from hospital stay. She has to be careful now!

Granddad Ladd

Very interesting Old Timer.  Hope test proves positive!.

We saw several  Halliburton vehicles moving toward Ppad this week.  We are just a little low to see the ground area around the pad. But when the air is just right we hear large pumps and other  noises like steel pipes or whatever being dropped or hitting something else.

Granddad Ladd

Still raining! 

Two large pumps on my property now pumping to Ppad from impound area.  Several SAND BOXES moving to and from Ppad  today.  Even got a "Crapper box"  next to pumps.  (Oh what a relief it is not to find a bathroom or duck behind a tree!  LOL!) 

My hat is off to truck drivers. I always try to stop out of their way when I see one coming.  They are very courteous and respect the speed limit on Broughton Hollow road!

I wonder how long it takes to frack a well?

Granddad Ladd

Back years ago I cut and baled hay on properties from Middlebury to Whites Corners in New York state. Even up near Rexville and Northfork.  Oh, I almost forgot  Little Marsh and just off of 349  next to where Wilda lives.

But that was long long ago.  Wore out my little Nh 66 baler! 

Now many of these acres have been abandoned or  broken up into building lots.

So sad to see small family farms dying away.....At least to me

Granddad Ladd

T.C. Wills? Not familiar. East or west of Ppad?

Granddad Ladd

Lu and I were over that way today. At the four corners by Boom, we debated to go up the Sperry or turn right down back to Rte 49.  Went right to 49 and nearly hit a buck deer jumping out of that cornfield. Just luck we missed it.  I used to plow snow and cinder the Crance road for township. We never worked on Sperry road however.  Jim Gigee was almost blown out of sluice while melting ice from sluice by that corn field. The big flame thrower we were using plugged and flame went out. Jim relit it, igniting fumes in sluice.  KABOOM! Jim came out of the end of that sluice minus his eyebrows and whiskers almost like being shot of a cannon.   We soon got that thing fixed. It was full of rust!

Thanks Old Timer!

Granddad Ladd 

Hate to admit it but I just realized that I there is only one resident on Broughton road with a few tears under his belt then me.  (between rte 49 and bottom of baker hill).

Guess the fracking is finished on Ppad.  No more noise from direction of well. Traffic has dwindled greatly.  Now what comes next?   Hopefully not another week of rain? But maybe a few royalty checks.

Granddad Ladd


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