I have royalty rights on 6 wells in the SandRock well pad, in Greene Co. PA 

First it was Vantage, then Rice bought them out, and EQT bought Rice, so how can I get the back royalty payments that are owed to me since they first started producing Gas. These wells began producing in 2011 and 2013. I just started to receive payments in March from EQT that was for production on Jan 2018. I have received a check every month since then. EQT told me in an email answer to my question, that they don't pay royalties owed from before they bought the company. So.... Vantage and Rice don't seem to exist any longer, and I was told by Vantage that my royalty money was being held in escrow until all everything was sorted out. It seems to me that when EQT bought the company, they bought their debts as well as their assets. Where do I go from here? Anybody have any idea what I can do?

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Get an attorney 

When a co. Is bought, the new co. Gets assets and thier liabilities. Like Dan said. Get attorney.

Thanks, I was thinking that's how it worked, looks like they are trying to just blow me off. I was hoping not to have to get an attorney, but that may be a necessity.


Sometimes a sale is for assets only, where the seller retains the debt structure and the buyer only buys assets....not uncommon in the business world. Not certain if that is the case here.

Whichever way it is, my family is getting screwed!

Hi Susan, I sent you a message about your situation, I to am in the Sand Rock Unit. You should contact me.


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