I looked in the sky and it is orange. Oh yes I have seen this before only its a lot bigger, what I drove down the road to see was the utica well being flared off on the patterson well. It had to be four or five times the size of the marcellus well flare which was in of itself a pretty good one. This well has a marcellus and a utica on it as a"test well". Looks like they passed the test. It is amazing and really hot from afar. It was raining and so as the flame was taller than the flare pipe, the groud was steaming all arond.

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Well we have another BIG FLARE this is from last night the sky was glowing all night a lovely site.


Awful windy overnight to flare a well.  Is this a new well or reworking an old well?  If new what strata is it?

Jim: It's a new well I have been waiting a for this flare. The strata not sure but can look it up.

Drove by there this evening. Sure is good to see a rig so close to home again! Gives a person some hope!
So that's all the traffic that's going by my house! So they are putting in a new well?

What depth/strata are they going to?

Utica/Point Pleasant

Thanks.  The first wells there were Marcellus IIRC. This would be the second or third U. Is the U wet there?

Has anyone heard any more about the Leslie pad that was supposed to go in a little to the west of the Patterson?


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