Setting up County Groups for the site. This is vastly improve the information shared on here - it will get us focused. Share a county you would like to see listed on (GMS). Only those with leasing activity/lease offers.

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Sullivan County, Cherry Twp. Just getting offers from Chesapeake. Lackawanna County, Benton Twp. approached by Exco and Chief
Lycoming County
I am interested in the Tioga, Bradford, Potter County activity.
Bradford County
Columbia County
Bradford County
Would like to see a blog specific to Fayette County
Scott would like Allegheny County as we are now in discussion with Chesapeak.
Susquhanna County, Franklin township
sure would love to know whats up in Susquhanna County, Brooklyn Township
Susquehanna County, Harmony township
Would like see a blog for Butler county.I've notice alot of difference leases being sign, thanks to treasure office of Butler county deed for having a site for us land owners to check on.It about the only way I found out who around me signed with what company so as to help me decide on my lease with what company to sign with.


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