My cousins and I signed leases with Petro-Edge Energy of Houston, Texas about 2013 or 2014 and we received one royalty check in 2013. Did not receive a royalty check in 2014. I wrote to the company in Houston, Texas about 3 months ago and did not receive any response.

Any one on this group know anything about Petro-Edge Energy? 

Thank you, Edgar Cross

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What state, county & township?


The oil well/wells are located in Tyler County, West Virginia. I am not sure exactly in which district the well/wells are located.

Thank you, Edgar Cross

Are you sure that first check wasnt the bonus payment? Looking at 2013 WV production for Tyler county doesnt show production data for wells by Petroedge. Looking at the West Virginia reporting, they will report 2014 production at the end of March.

We only got one check from Petroedge Energy. I remember I had to add the check to my 2013 income tax income (lost my refund and had to pay federal tax).

Thanks, David

Petroedge sold their assets to Statoil.  You might try reaching out to them.

Thanks, Billy Bob.

Statoil doesn't show up on the 2013 production report , just Chesapeake.


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