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Finished except seeding and straw!

The top soil washed out and all the rocks are showing through! And looks terrible now! ans bad job on straw and seeding so disappointed! Will show pictures next week. 

All that top soil washed off a couple weeks ago. We got 4 inches of rain in 45 minutes. It screwed up alot of these pipe lines around Quaker City.

I know if they would have strawed it when they actually done with the to soil wouldn't have happen probably would have Thanks for sharing.

I know they ve been back fixing alot of these spots since that one storm. I havent seen any of these pipelines seeded yet. As much rain as were getting their gonna be busy going back and fixing everything. But that storm was one of a kind

once the grass is back will be better than it was!

Hey Jeff & Evan, where is this pipeline...the one from 761 to Mt Efrfam?

This pipeline is just south of Eldon . Kinda in between Rt. 147 and 265 ' it crosses 513 up by the rex wells at the county line

Cross Jacks Run Rd 200' before county lineup to rt 513 and heading Rex H1 and Guernsey 1 & 2 an 8" line. It hooks into a big line forget the name might be Blue Racer or Carl Smith.

 I have seen some other sites in this area that have been seeded down and it looks terrific! Sorry to hear that the rain did a number on your ROW. Maybe they will fix it! Overall I think Markwest has done a great job in the area!



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