I have been contacted by a company that wants to put a pipeline across my property.  They are offering $1.00 per inch diameter x feet of pipe.  They are also considering a driveway and 5 acre staging area.  The pipeline location is mostly planted field with just a bit of timber along the entry and exit of my property.  Can anyone advise of the question to ask or what to look out for?  Is the rate acceptable?  Is it the "going rate"?  What is the going rate for a driveway and staging area?  



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I can see by all this great information I will need a good O&G Attorney.  If anyone has a recommendation I would appreciate the contact information.

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RE : "I will need a good O&G Attorney."

I strongly agree. However, I would suggest that you do considerable research before going to an Attorney. The more you know and understand and the more you know about what you want/need before involving an Attorney, the fewer billable hours. 

RE: "If anyone has a recommendation I would appreciate the contact information."

You may wish to post this request for recommendation on the Mercer County Board.

And, Janice earlier suggested that you contact the local Penn State University Extension; they may be able to provide the names of local Attorneys that possess the requisite knowledge and experience.





where in Mercer county are you located?


zahniser rd. Jefferson twp.


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