Pipelines, Capable of handling Utica Shale quantities of gas.

Is there a map or info available online that shows the interstate pipelines,
And other large pipelines capable of handling Utica shale quantities of gas?
Or, can someone describe about where they run?
No Columbia gas lines are of interest.
I am especially interested in ones that are in Guernsey County,
And Cambridge Twn if there are any nearby.

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Here is a Google Earth map of the MarkWest gathering line that runs across S.E. Guernsey.

You will need Google Earth installed on your computer to view the map.



Do you know where one might find some information about the throughput of this pipeline in Mcf/day, Mcf/month or Mcf/year?  Thanks!

Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan runs from Liberty Township down to Cumberland. They will be starting to replace 1 1/2 miles of the line as it runs through Liberty township in the last week of March.

REX East. They have interconnects with many other transmission companies.  REX East was contemplating reverse or back hauling from East to West as an optional capability.  KM is the only pipeline in close proximity to Cambridge twp.


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