Neo - Fascism ? ?  Or Degrees of Socialism / Communism ? ?

Pick your poison.

Right here in the Land of the Free / Home of the Brave ? ?

Whaaaaaaaat ? ?

Still can't find a candidate's bus to hop on myself.


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Although Fascism is commonly associated with Republicans and conservatives, in fact it is more closely aligned with Socialism and Communism.

Hitler and Mussolini were Fascists and Socialists.

Barak Obama and HiLIARy are Socialists leaning towards Fascism. Who has been more authoritarian than Barak Obama with his hundreds of (un-Constitutional) Presidential directives.

I was not originally a supporter of Mr. Trump. But now that he will be the candidate I will support him. If for no other reason than I am ABH; Anyone But HilLIARy.

Further, Elitist and Authoritarian are terms foisted on Mr. Trump by the media. In fact I cannpt find any evidence to support the association.

As for Libertarians, I tend to lean towards the Libertarian philosophy. But, the Libertarian candidate will not even poll 10%.

The choice will be Trump or HilLARy. So with respect to the purpose of this site I would suggest that people vote for Mr. Trump. A HilLIARy Presidency will destroy the oil and gas industry.

I can't fathom how any mineral rights owner, business owner, gun owner or patriotic American could vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie. Where are the minds of these people?

We agree.

Bottom Line people of the shale.

Donald Trump is pro domestic oil and gas industry, including development of the Utica Shale, Marcellus Shale, etc. That's good for us here in shaleville.

HilIARy Clinton is anti-domestic oil and gas, especially development of the Utica Shale, Marcellus Shale, etc. That's bad for us here in shaleville.

A vote for any candidate other Donald Trump, or not voting, is a vote for HilLIARy. That's bad for us here in shaleville.

As distasteful as it may be for many folks, the only choice is Donald Trump.

Barry D,

That was / is my point.

All five (5) "CHOICES" in reality (for us) amount to "NO CHOICE" at all - no matter how we cut the balony.

Good luck to all of us - I believe all land / mineral owners / lessors need it friends and neighbors.

I agree with Barry, not voting for Trump,even if you don't like him,is a vote for the Hildabeast!

Just about all of the political rallies conducted by trump have had serious riots either inside by a few folks or outside by hundreds of protestors.  It would seem to me that his supporters and onlookers would be respectful and quiet enough to hear what he is saying.  No one likes to be called the nasty names or linked with criminal activity because of race or country of origin even if true. You certainly would not like it if your own country of origin or even if your name might suggest that you came from a place that is thought to be a threat to the US.  And what about that judge that trump is saying unkind words about. If you had gone thru some sort of court action and lost the verdict, and then made the statements about that federal judge like trump is making, You would likely be hurried off to jail.   If he is president and spouts off like that about world leaders, and they are "thin skinned" like trump is, what might you expect some of these others might do?  A simple shouting match to see who can make the nastiest comments about each other?

The judge's ancestors came here before trumps ancestors.

Whoever ends up as POTUS, all we'll have going for us in way of protection from 'Executive Overreach' is the House and Senate.

Recent history indicates that's been like trying to catch a drink of water from a running faucet with a sieve.

Good luck to all of us.

I like your description.

THE HOUSE AND SENATE as we've seen it in the last two years has been useless in protecting the citizens or the U.S.A. !  AND that was after the members of both Houses made the promise to constituents that if they were given the majority they would stop Obama !!!

Yeah, I seemed to notice that too.

What's up with that anyway ?

Think maybe all of the politicians were content with the way things were goin' ?

Perhaps feelin' fat and happy with the status quo whether Dem. or Rep. ?


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