Ohio's Sixth Congressional District extends from Columbiana  to Athens County and from Jefferson  to Carroll County.  I thought you might find it interesting to know who is supporting the two candidates to be our next congressman to the U.S. House of Representatives.  I am sure that it will impact lease holders in some respects. See below.



                                                 FOR OHIO’S SIXTH DISTRICT


Bill Johnson has been our congressman for going on six years and now wants a fourth term.  Bill Johnson wants to repeal social security for all but the elderly and those close to retirement along with the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) that enables everyone to have access to medical care.  Bill Johnson has amassed about $1.4 million for his reelection campaign.  Very little, if any, of this money has come from individuals like me and you.  Instead, all contributions to Bill Johnson’s campaign came from special interests such as those cited below. 


CONTRIBUTIONS from top industries:


     Oil and Gas  $140,8590   Health Professionals   $119,700     Electric Utilities  $99,750


     Pharms/Health Products $67,350     PACS $50,400           Insurance    $46,758


     Telecom Services $43,000                      Health Services/HMOs     40,000  


CONTRIBUTIONS from the top sectors of the economy came from:


     Energy/Natural Resources  $303,450   Health  $234,400    Misc. Business  $195,608


     Commo/Electronics   $116,200                      Finance/Ins./Real Est.  $98,958


      Ideology/Single Issue   $77,150   Labor   $76,500    Lawyers and Lobbyists  $51,585


CONTRIBUTIONS from the top contributors came from:


     Brilex Industries  $23,900     AT&T  $15,500   Am. Ac. of Ophthalmology  $15,000


     Haliburton   $15,000    USAA Ins. $15,000    Chesapeake Energy    $14,500


    Koch Ind. $14,000  Honeywell Int. $13,000  Compco Ind. $12,850 Marathon   $12,500


The above contributors are buying the election for the Sixth Congressional District and Bill Johnson is willing to take their money and represent them instead of us, his real constituents.


Mike Lorentz is the Mayor of Belpre and is running against Johnson in this election.  Mike Lorentz has amassed all of $5,338.64 in contributions for his campaign.  Mike has the experience from both the private and public sectors to represent us fairly in congress without undue influence by special interests. Consider voting for Mike Lorentz as your Congressman for Ohio’s Sixth District which includes Belmont, Columbiana, Carrol, Gallia, Guernsy, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Lawrence, Meigs, Monroe, Noble, Washington, and parts of Athens, Mahoning, and Scioto Counties.

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For those who complain about politics on this site, I would agree with you about this one.

This post has no place on this site.

why not ??

Except that Energy and Natural Resources contributed over $300,000 to Johnson. How much did you contribute?  Not enough. When the vote comes down to us and the energy giants who do you think Johnson will vote for?  

ANYTHING that would effect the oil patch scene in eastern ohio needs to be discussed on this site.Whether it be the Sierra club or politics.etc. etc.

    May I suggest you look at George Soros, he donated heavily to : Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This time around he has many pac's working to ensure Donald Trumps defeat. He funnels money through his MANY foundations anything anti-American or conservative  he is supporting it. Soros owns tankers that import LNG to the USA...import. He and Warren Buffett own the railroad cars that move oil  there for they were against the Keystone Pipeline and there puppet Obama killed it.

    Look into the anti-drilling tree huggers, the groups are funded by....George Soros and the Sierra Club. Its easy just follow the MONEY.  Land/mineral owners have skin in this election be smart and vote

We don't need Georgie either.  You need to look out for your own interests and our elected officials are the only ones that stand between us and the money grubbers.   

Consider this,

   Something has gone terribly wrong with Ohio's Bright Future promised by the O&G Producers to get our signatures on leases. For some reason our leases mean nothing. When has that ever been legal in the US to sign a contract with a company then they ignore it. Just yesterday watching the Ohio Channel a Politician was speaking about the importance of contracts to all of us. Well, at least for those who aren't landowners.

My point is Nothing is Wrong In Ohio if you listen to the politicians, but landowners know the truth.

Anyone who runs the state today needs to be voted out tomorrow. How can anyone trust a politician who ignores what is going on in our state as witnessed by their failure to utter a word on the topic of unfair royalty payments to all Ohioans. Ohioans deserve to know the truth.

I certainly know the truth, but then again Chesapeake sent me the evidence, which I have shared with no response from those who are in power. They have their own plans which they need to take with them to another state when they are voted out.


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