A couple of positive steps for the cracker.

Land purchase as CLOSED they own the Horsehead land PLUS additional land:


Air permit has been GRANTED.  This was a key milestone for the project.


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Details about what? I don't foresee myself managing Shell's business.
I do,however,forsee profiting from their endeavor via ethane royalties.
From what I'm reading in this very post, for some reason there are those (folks / lessors) who are disallowed profit from ethane sales.

I'm picking up these (folks / lessors) are located in Ohio.

I'm very happy to read you are able to foresee profit from your well's ethane production / Shell's sales.

Perhaps the devils in the details I'm picking up on are Lease / Ohio specific ?

Still trying to learn WTF is happening I guess.

What do you think is going on ?

I believe that ethane gets rejected in western pa as well. A large portion of the gas coming out of the well is ethane, so having the plant would make a big difference in royalty checks. Shell is huge, it probably just moves really slowly.

Thanks for your reply Jon.

Should you learn more kindly share.

Standing by,

I asked rex, whether or not they reject ethane. We'll see what they say.

Pretty wild business isn't it.

Sell what they want to sell and scrap / waste what they want to scrap / waste - no matter commodity market value.

Perhaps there is no market for a given auxiliary commodity to some developers / producers ?

What I'm gathering from this is that even a valuable commodity may be deemed valueless to some developers / producers based on their discretion but perhaps based on their specific business plan / platform.

Hard for a conservative person to wrap their head around (me for instance).


    Read the below website Court Case. It's over 40 pages long so pace yourself since it is a legal document.

Remain focused while reading and stop when you get distracted, but mark your place.

Let the info simmer in your brain (especially while you sleep) and if you really want to know what is going on, all you want to know will be revealed to you.

You may become an authority on the topic and help others to understand what is going on.

This could be the "Seek And Ye Shall Find" advice that is in the Bible, as well as the fact that your brain works in the background to solve your problems and answer your questions without you realizing it.

Read On J-O!



Ron H.,


Alot to read indeed.

Thank you for this reference.


Ron; interesting legal post.  Looks bad for sure.  If it is proven hope many of them spend serious time in the hooscow.  I suggest you start another thread with this link as it will be buried here.

Ron H.,

Read it.

A good bit of it is still 'cookin' between my ears / sinking in.

But, I've read enough to develop an opinion / sense or a flavor of what is alleged to be going on and frankly it's very sickening / disturbing.

If these allegations prove it will be even more so.

If the allegations discussed in the reference are proven and have caused the damages (although horrible enough) I have a sense that it really wouldn't stop there as there would also be great damage to all of us - leased / unleased / every citizen of our land to be considered.

If the allegations prove; the perpetrators are scoffing the laws of the land and toying with the entire country's economy / security - laughing at it all the way to the bank.

If proven, perpetrators need much more than a simple slap on the wrist / making light of it all - perhaps covering it with a remark or so along the lines of 'how cute - they all were trying to cheat us but didn't because we caught them'.

If proven, how much delay / damage to every lessor's / future lessor's finances / the whole domestic economy / the entire population of / the whole country has been done and perhaps remains to be done by these (alleged) behaviours and other similar ? 

Incalculable IMHO.

Dwelling on the allegations as written and taking away / perceiving the detailed / alleged behaviors are (to me) likened to what it must be like reading an excerpted example from some terrorist's manifesto on how to cripple and harm our country's economy and security.  If these allegations are proven what would separate the perpetrators / differentiate them from domestic terrorists ? 

If proven, how do we / the entire citizenry recover / become whole / be compensated for all of the valuable lost time and lost sense of trust / security ?

is getting

Seems to be a weird world friend.

Seems to be getting more and more weird every minute.


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