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With Nat Gas prices falling recently, how is production and activity looking like in the Marcellus region? Also, what is the pricing point for Marcellus gas?

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This isn't a direct answer to the question, but here are some facts that might be useful. On the investment side, horizontal wells run about three times the cost of conventional wells. At the same time, the amount of production from a horizontal Marellus well is nine times that of a conventional well. So its probably safe to say that while the economy and prices may slow things to some extent, production in the Marcellus Shale will still ramp up to some extent again come spring.
Due to the economy everything has slowed down. Do you believe gas compainies will continue leasing the Marcellus mineral rights in Randolph County, W.Va. come spring? If so which compaines do you believe will due the leasing and what price ranges will they lease at? Charles
Ruby: A few follow up questions: I'm fairly new to the nat gas industry.
"hgh btu gas with liquids" and "gas without liquids." I understand NGLs to be propane, butane, etc that is taken out of nat gas at a processing plants.

Is gas with NGLs or without NGLs sold with a preminum? As well, which gas is "normally" sold at trading points?

Also for the Range gas in the NE, which trading point is this proced at?

Thanks for all your help!
I live in Penn Township in Lycoming County,Pa. Im with Range but 2 miles up the road there are6wells and a pumping station.There are supposed to be 30 before the year is out. Im just waiting on Range to come, which I heard will be next year. Everyone keep there chin up for all of us.


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