just an update from sw pa this week rex energy sent letters to many lease holders stating that they are no longer interested in leases signed back in august 2008

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Where do you see the price of oil per bbl and gas per mmcf going to by dec 2009. do you have any leases in the marcellus shale. looks like this is bigger then the barnett shale field. i hear things are slowing down alot in the barnett shale
also in same area ,north central pa, no payment here yet either.. they are drilling nearby, east resourses that is...
rex has drilled 4 wells within a mile from my home , and they are preparing 2 sites about a 1,000 feet up the road from where i live as i write this. i live in derry twp. westmoreland county. i signed in 2008 an have been paid.
thanks frank i live in ligonier twp i know of some people getting paid and others receiving letters rescinding . do you know if the wells were horizontals or verticals?
at least two horizontals according to the propety oweners.
At what depth is the KOP and after the KOP what is the TD, are they using a LWP or MWP tool, and what type of mud motor are they using. after TD how many frac stages are there and how far apart.
Where are the frac service companies locating.
Are they gathering in some area, or are they spread all over the state.


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