Just wondering if anybodycould answer a question.I have an old well that is in service 30 feet off of my property and was wanting gas for a new hunting cabin I'm gonna have built in spring.Would I have any right to the gas being so close to my property?

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Haven't you heard? It's a new America! You've got a right to anything you can imagine.

I have a well that is also a few feet from my property that was drilled in 1976.  I share the royalties from the sale of the oil, but the original house is the only one that gets the free gas.

Neither one of us has houses,just used as hunting property.Thanks

Depends on your lease ad the leases of the landowners that make up the unit.  Most likely the answer is no.  Usually the only landowner that gets house gas or equivalent is the one with the well actually on their property. It is way of reimbursing the landowner for the use of their property.

We both bought our properties beside each other 4 years ago.That well was already there on his property.We are part of a pool for the utica shale though.

On his property = he gets free gas. 

Not sure how it would work if both houses were on one property when the lease was signed and well drilled but later subdivided.  Some farms have a couple of houses on them for family and sometimes one of them subdivided will be sold outside of family.

No houses on the properties but it was a farm that got divided up and sold.I just figured their was no doubt gas is being obtained off my property being so close.

I had a oil well just feet over my farm line and there was no house on the other land. I still could not get gas.
This property was one large piece at one time, but it still did not matter. The lease was clear. The land where the well physically was on had the right to the gas. No one else.
If the oil well operator/owner sold this well to that property owner so they did not have to maintain it anymore, then that person can allow you to run a line to access the gas.
My other neighbor owned about 2 acres cut out of this parcel and also was close to this oil well. They did not receive royalties at all. Their position back in 98' was, how could they not be pulling gas from under us. They never won that argument, but I'm betting they didn't put up a big fight since we owned 37 acres and received a check for max 100 dollars every 3 months. My average was 56 dollars every 3 months.

I see.I thought I ran across something one day that mentioned something about 50 feet off a persons property.Person in charge of this well said he would give me gas really cheap if I want.I was going to build a nice hunting cabin and keep it all off the grid.I may check with a lawyer just to make sure first.Like i said no doubt the gas is coming from under my property also.

Not necessarily. The correct answer is "What does the lease say?".

Will have to check when I get home,I work on the river.

If the well is close to your property you could be getting royalties.  Contact the company. I know my son gets a percentage from a well on his neighbors and another neighbor gets a percentage from the well on his property.  He also gets free gas for his house.  You could check with your neighbor as it might be in his lease.


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