Two months later, unlike the similar circumstances in the Poconos, we are still talking about Riverdale Mobile Home Village. As a quick update, this park, located in a flood plain, was bought by Aqua America earlier this year to be turned into a water withdrawal facility for use by the natural gas industry. Because the park resides in a flood plain, it is a danger to the residents. Our last update showed how anti-natural gas activists were using the park residents to go after Aqua America, despite the owners allowing the residents to stay beyond the eviction date free of charge and giving them money to help with relocation costs. So, why is it still in the news if residents were working with the company and the relocation is for the betterment of the residents, not to mention the very clear property rights of both the previous and current owners? Why, because it fits an anti-natural gas agenda, of course.  Plainly and simply, this is a case of exploitation by agenda-driven anti-development groups who want a victim to exploit.

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