I heard he got banned. Any truth to this?

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Hu? What's that mean Keith?

Sure miss old Ron Eiselstein he always had something  to say hope he comes back.

Is it coincidence that GG and Fang have not been heard from since......?....

I visited Ron once at his store in Poland, Ohio. Had a long interesting conversation. As he consistently demonstrated on Go Marcellus, he was never without an opinion! For what it's worth, I found him to be a gracious host and an all-around nice guy. I'll also miss his entertaining posts.


I think a consensus is forming that a lot of us miss Ron. Maybe if enough of us voice our opinion , Keith could find it in his heart to allow him back? Ron did open some lively discussion here and all in all was an asset to our ranks.
What do others think??

I miss Ron.  He had some very interesting comments.  Lively discussions ?  ha ha   Yes !   


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