Why do you feel the need to respond with absurd conspiracy theories on every thread? You're ruining this forum. At one point in time, GoMarcellus contained useful and educational information.  

You aren't helpful in the least bit. You've hijacked the forum to trumpet your political nonsense. The fact that Keith and the mods haven't shut your BS down is astounding.  Nobody cares. Join some wacko right wing Facebook groups to talk about your nonsense.  This most certainly isn't the place for it. Nobody here cares. That's a promise.

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Here, here.


       If somehow our lives were reversed such that you had a brilliant mind that you knew was a gift from God, and I had the brain that was not yet at full potential,
I would hope that You would share Your gift of knowing with me. To those who God has given gifts, much is expected.

Your future will merge with mine, You can't stop the Truth that is coming.
Read the documents I provided links to, they are the Law now.

A Wise individual would investigate what I say and tell me where I failed to tell the Truth. The future is very clear to me.

I gain nothing by misleading my fellow Citizens. I gain everything by sharing God's Truth with those who are suffering unnecessarily due to not knowing the Bright Future ahead.

Finally some humor.  Nothing quite like a stupid man with an extremely inflated ego to make others online experience frustrating.  None of us with our tiny little underdeveloped brains can fathom why your social media rights were taken away for a few years.  Was it a judicial event or an institutional environment that gave us peace from you mindless spewing BS?

Now was that nice Dan.....To belittle someone like that?

You might have to eat your words some day.  How can you be so sure that you have all the answers and that Ron is way off base? 

It just might be that Ron is compelling you to open up your powers of deep thought in hopes a bit of really factual information will come from your own feeble mind!

None of us, including Ron and myself have all the answers to the problem at hand. 

Ron is telling you and every one else that changes are going to be made..........Things are going to be better, maybe not tomorrow and maybe not for you as you would like them to be.

But to make derogatory statements to anyone like you are insinuating only shows a very low level of ignorance! and thought processing!

Granddad Ladd 

Granddad Ladd, I believe that low levels of ignorance are a good thing! 

No offense to you, I have no problems with your posts here, but Ron is out of control and posting these crazy conspiracy theories on the wrong forum.  I appreciate that you are trying to be nice to everyone, but many of us would like these forums to get back to the business at hand, oil and gas discussion... not this political nonsense that Ron is spinning.  And despite what you think about it, it is just that... nonsense.  At the very least, this is not the correct place for it.

Granddad Ladd,

I believe Ron is belittling Richard with his post.  I was being generous saying his few year absence could be from a judicial event.  I don’t believe that for a second.  Someone with Ron’s great intelligence would have easily gotten around a court ordered absence from social media.  If I were to guess, I’d say his absence was in an institutional setting and I don’t mean prison.  Felons generally have full internet access.  Mental institutions do not though.............not suggesting in any way his posts are Craaaaaaaaazy though. NOT

I generally enjoy reading your posts but as long as Ron keeps crapping all over GMS I will occasionally call out the craaaaaaazy.

Thank you for saying I have a low level of ignorance.   I might be offended if you said I have a high level of ignorance.  

Hoping that GMS can be a place of O&G discussions again,  Dan

Hahah, I've been wondering the same thing, Dan.

In a sense I have agree with you GH. But never the less, to make derogatory statements to some one like that can cause irreparable damage to a person's life!   Ron has his ideas deeply ingrained in his being.  Better to let these posting of his go then to chance in damaging his life! 

Do your own research about the gas and oil and post them.....That is great.  But do you think it is a great thing if someone  who does not agree with you starts calling you a brainless fool or something even worse?

Like I said, You were compelled to post an answer albeit, indirectly by Ron's Postings.  But please try to refrain from putting any one down in this manner and making fun of them!!

Granddad Ladd

Hope there’s enough room at the asylum for the both of you

Ron has done much more than he has told everyone.

I believe Ron is truthful and necessary here because of his additions to happenings within the energy industry.

None of you can say the same can you..

Just because he goes beyond what we have all been told in the numerous lies by our gas companies should open your eyes to the real truth.

I hope Ron continues to provide his found information for all of our benefit.

This thread was created,  supposedly, by Richard Jefferson,  without question to purposely discredit Ron Hale in anyway that they could do it, by trying to attach the notion that Ron Hale is mentally defective and belongs in a mental institution.


How many youngers have been bullied like this until they finally reacted by retaliating in unpleasant fashion? 

If you do not agree with Ron, fine! 

Say so and then let it go!

Otherwise, you are just creating more hatred for someone and you have done absolution nothing to improve the discussion of OIL and GAS drilling and how it affects the world situation!

Granddad Ladd


Ron has already came out and said here on GMS the last president should be murdered and Sandy hook was fake.  How would you feel if one of your grandkids was gunned down at Sandy Hook.  His spreading of Q anon conspiracy BS is just as bad.  Have you ever taken the time to watch any of his Q links.  Do you even know what Q is.  He is the bully!   He is spreading the hatred!  Open you eyes, don’t just look, try and see.  He is not educating anyone how to protect themselves from getting ripped of from the O&G industry.  He is giving them a shinny object to focus their hatred on and a big collective pool of self pity to wade in and feel sorry for themselves.  Ron posted he was banned from social media for a few years......DAH.  Your starting to sip the kool aid Granddad Ladd.  I think a lot of GMS followers respect your posts.  I’m afraid you might be helping to walk a few folks down into Ron’s cesspool of hatred and conspiracy.  Richard is trying to shine a light on the festering sickness for what it is.  Pulling the curtain on it does not make it OK or go away.


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