Why do you feel the need to respond with absurd conspiracy theories on every thread? You're ruining this forum. At one point in time, GoMarcellus contained useful and educational information.  

You aren't helpful in the least bit. You've hijacked the forum to trumpet your political nonsense. The fact that Keith and the mods haven't shut your BS down is astounding.  Nobody cares. Join some wacko right wing Facebook groups to talk about your nonsense.  This most certainly isn't the place for it. Nobody here cares. That's a promise.

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Wow Dan.  From earlier posts it seems you have an educational desire for oil and gas news and information, but honestly the fastest way to tanking the industry is to support Dems.  Hasn't taken me long to learn most Dems are anti fracking unless they happen to own a nice chunk of land, and then maybe, just maybe they might be able to to stand aside from the Warren's, Coumo's, and Sanders 

The fracking industry will eventually have to tank. Pumping chemicals into the ground, especially in residential areas, is just not a good thing. I think of it as a transitory energy source, eventually we will have to make the transition to clean energy, but that could take a while. And also, who the hell could still support Trump and the Republicans? We've never seen this level of nastiness, corruption and dishonesty from a president and his party. It's a shame what they've devolved into, but i'm not sure I would even consider them a political party anymore, they're more like a cult led by a mentally insane criminal.

Aside from nuclear plants for electricity...what might be this current technology that will replace the roughly 78% of the worlds' energy needs supplied by fossil fuels?

I never see nuclear mentioned as a viable option in the 'clean energy' mix. Panels and turbines can't do it, and despite all the hype, batteries for storage are not feasible either. One YEAR'S worth of output from the Tesla battery giga factory would supply 3 minutes worth of US electricity needs!

No...we better hope fossil fuels are here for the foreseeable future. Funny...I have come to rely on heat in the winter!!

I've said that I have knowledge of more than the Biblical Oil and Gas fraud that has been unleashed on Our Nation. Take a look:

By knowing why the Oklahoma City Federal Building was destroyed, why the Pentagon was struck by a missile, and why the Twin Towers underwent a full demolition compliments of Marvin Bush's company who had access to the Towers and placed nano thermite on support beams instead of spraying additional fire proofing material on the beams, You will begin to know the pure EVIL of the enemy that We The People are up against.

The Oklahoma City Federal Building contained the Clinton White Water evidence being used in the Federal Criminal Investigation. The bomb destroyed the evidence, the case was dropped. Who sacrifices US Citizens and the Children to cover up their crimes?

Donald Rumsfeld the day before the 911 event told us that 2 plus Trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon budget.

On 911 the missile that hit the Pentagon was in the center of the Navy Investigation Team assigned to investigate the Pentagon's missing money. All evidence and investigators and visitors were destroyed, case dropped. Who sacrifices US Citizens, and the Children with their parents who were in that section of the Pentagon to cover up their crimes?

In the basement of one of the Twin Towers Gold bars were being stored. During the short period of time from the Missile strike to initiating the building demolition, the Deep State criminals were able to load all of the Gold and remove it. Imagine how impossible this task would have been if it had not been pre-planned with transportation standing by. There were no pools of gold found in the Twin Tower rubble.

Evidence of Demolition: All veritcle support columns were cut at 45 degree angles at 33ft lengths, causing the Tower Free Fall, and making removal of the scrap steel by 33 ft Trailers possible, as is done in every tall building demolition. Those who cleaned up the rubble knew 911 was an inside job.

If You are ready to wake up: You Tube presenter "And We Know" SerialBrain2 Decodes: The Coup against POTUS. A Smokescreen & A Sham.

Note: You Tube will censor & remove presentations that use key words such as CIA spoken as C_A and other words that LT spells out in the presentation below. AI does not recognize words that are spelled out. We are all blocked from You Tube when we fail to follow methods used to get past the Artificial Intelligence You Tube and other Social Media uses to screen and Censor our posts.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn3FFccJlzs

Get The Popcorn Ready and don't forget to Pray for Our President Trump, Our Military, the NSA and those who have risked it all to return Our governments (Federal, State and County) back to We The People.

And We Know that Trump had to pay a $2M fine for misuse of his "charitable" foundation & a $25M settlement for FRAUD over his fake university.

And We Know Trump has insulted, intimidated, and is saying that decorated war vets with a lifetime of public service are lying and HE is telling the truth.

And We Know that anyone actually still supporting Trump at this point must be devoid of any civility, human decency, and critical thinking skills.

etc etc etc

Dan, you might not like Trump and call him uncivil, but really what's happening is he is probably the first Republican to actually fight back.  Democrats aren't used to that and thus call it uncivil and  are just so shocked to gat a taste of their own medicine.  Usually by this point the accused Republican says I'm sorry and crawls under a rock,   even if just accused of something when there is no evidence.  I'm glad Trump is teaching Republicans how to fight.  Perhaps he is the right man for the right time.  You know... Even though Ulysses S Grant was a drunk, and Sherman had his own abrasive yet depressive issues, Lincoln could spare neither of these men because they fight, and Democrats in Congress didn't like them either and the same for the meek Republicans. 

I am related to Ulysses S Grant.  He was a champion for equal rights and justice and anti bigot. He would be fighting against Trump on more than a few of his policies in today’s world.
Trumps administration does need recognized today for releasing data on college costs vs income success with specific school to school and degree to degree info.  Not that this offsets Betsy’s hollowing education as  much as she can.

This impeachment show would be boring to those of us who follow Q, we know the ending, so....

I was thinking about those who have lost their homes and farms over the years due to Shale Play States raising the value of land when they knew of the fraud that is Domestic Oil and Gas. They heaped on their own fraud in order to share the wealth by depriving State Landowners of the potential wealth that land owners have paid taxes to own since 1820.

The Encino RICO Fraud will have many players who partnered with these thieves. They will pay for their crimes.

Each County, after the corruption is weeded out, will need to investigate to determine who lost their homes and land due to this O&G corruption, then return the properties to their rightful owners. Imagine the money that will be available to Ohioans, when the estimated 85% of the Oil Production volume which is currently being hidden by the producers becomes part of Our Royalty checks. This new found money should be more than enough in State tax coffers to run non-corrupt County governments without a Real Estate Tax and should be made available to right this wrong.

My bet is that natural gas and NGL volumes have also been under reported, and You know that NGLs have reduced Our Royatly checks not added to them. After the producer does his accounting Ohio Landowners have paid for the theft of 100% of their NGLs.

The above is why Ohio and US Landowners have seen a Biblical theft never before seen in Our Country. All evidence can be found in the Henceroth vs Chesapeake Energy case, in progress in Federal Court in Youngstown, and the Hale vs Chesapeake Arbitration. The outcome of these actions means nothing since corruption rules at present but not in the near future.

Speaking of corrupt, I share royalties with my County Councilmen which makes me wonder if this was Land Bank money or Land Re-utilization money that put County officials on O&G royalty land. Do these "officials" use the royalty money to offset the taxes used to pay them, or give themselves a monthly bonus. Are they paid a fair royalty by the producers for partnering with them? We may never know. 

Use of County Taxes to buy the land and homes of County residents should never have been legal. I'm betting the votes that allowed these Land Banks to be formed in 54 plus Ohio Counties, if investigated, would be found to have passed due to voter fraud. Who would vote for this ignorance, no one that I know of. This is worse than having sales taxes and school taxes pass each time they are up for a vote by those who are struggling to keep their land and homes.

Anything that is voted in must be to the benefit of at least 51% of those who vote, this has never been the case, yet these burdens are always renewed or extended for 5 years to avoid being voted down by Citizens. Who voted for a 5 year run of a sales tax? Not 51% of the voting Citizens to be sure. From the voting results I have observed, and I have never missed a chance to vote, my bet is that Voter fraud has been a way of life for many years, it won't exist in the future.

Trust the Plan, it has been in place for a long time. God wins this Deep State War, what We call the 2nd American Revolution, then We move on to the World issue that the Alliance is now forming to address.

Follow "Q" at  qmap.pub to get the inside story and follow "And We Know" on You Tube as he presents decodes from President Trumps speeches and Tweets, decoded by Serial Brain 2 (Serial Brain 2, War Drummer/The Deacon).

Don't forget to say a prayer for Our President, Our Military, the NSA and those who put themselves in harms way to return Our Federal, State and County governments back to We The People.

So now the troll has it's own thread to spew out endless nonsense.

But hey, god will save us, all we have to do is say a prayer and everything will be just fine!

Remember Operation Mocking Bird where the CIA (made up of post WWII German Intelligence Officers in 1947, We won the War Germany took over the World) sends out talking points at 4:30 am every morning since the 60s?  That is just one of thousands of Conspiracy Facts that have been hidden by the Main Stream Media.

Those in the MSM who were paid off by over $2 Billion set aside by the Kenyan [Traitor 44] to cover up Demoncrat Crimes, will be indicted and tried for Treason.

Take a listen (the video starts with the volume off, so "turn it up"):  https://twitter.com/TS_SCI_MAJIC12/status/1182008427930931200

Conspiracy Theory after Conspiracy Theory will now become Conspiracy Fact.     911 Was An Inside Job; No One Died at Sandy Hook: The New World Order Wants to Depopulate the Earth; The Pope Is A .....

Nobody died at Sandy Hook? Your poor family. They must hate the person you’ve become. You’re disgusting. It’s a shame you’re given a platform here to spew this hateful and factually false BS.

20 (twenty) young children died that day. You’re such a sociopath that a political agenda has blinded you from these facts.

You must have been devastated as a young adult when you realized Santa Claus wasn’t real.  There is hope, even the weak minded have occasionally broken away from cults without outside deprograming.  The low self esteem and seemingly lack of personal direction can sometimes be fixed.  Even a new endeavor or hobby can give one a sense of purpose.  There is help out there if you seek it.  


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