Why do you feel the need to respond with absurd conspiracy theories on every thread? You're ruining this forum. At one point in time, GoMarcellus contained useful and educational information.  

You aren't helpful in the least bit. You've hijacked the forum to trumpet your political nonsense. The fact that Keith and the mods haven't shut your BS down is astounding.  Nobody cares. Join some wacko right wing Facebook groups to talk about your nonsense.  This most certainly isn't the place for it. Nobody here cares. That's a promise.

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How do you know that he is shaming his family, Richard?  Did you ever stop to think that Ron was brought up to express himself in a different way then you?

Is it any worse then using every four letter word that ever existed like many folks do, simply because they have no other way or words in their vocabulary to express their displeasure?

Granted, Ron probably over does it with his quoting from religious writings.  But you will never help things by your own less then respectful comments.

Better that you learn as much as you can about the gas industry and how it works! And then use your thinking processes to make suggestions that better the situation for all of us!

Granddad Ladd 

Q is America’s IS.  Indoctrinate add religion...repeat....repeat...repeat...repeat....sell some freeze dried food to stay on the net....repeat.

This is how democracy is taken out from within.  It’s not just some 28 year old kid without a job living in his mamas basement any more.  It’s old guys like Ron without a job now that can’t formulate their own thoughts and think they are entitled to something blindly walking to the cult seeking satisfaction.  Very sad.

Dan, I'm not a subscriber to Q, but I doubt Q is part of an entity that worships from a book that advocates killing, raping, and enslaving people, or overtaxing non-believers.

Yes.  Different book, different religion but same method of indoctrination spreading hate, distrust, unfounded conspiracy, misinformation and inspiring lone wolf violence.  And if you have read the Bible everything under the sun is in there including war, killing in the name of God etc.  We don’t tax unbelievers but most denominations sure get way to much money from the poor that can’t really afford to give the amount they do.  You should watch a few of the Q videos but be careful to not drink to much Kool Aid.

And We Know presents Serial Brain 2 decodes below.

A months old presentation relevant today.

The Truth about the Wall: Integrated Protection Against: 5G, Illegal Aliens and more.

Encino Acquisition Partners Agrees to Acquire Ohio Utica Shale Properties for US $2.0 Billion. Story linked below:


Answer me this Landowners, why would anyone in their right mind, sell 4 Counties of Wells under production, numbering close to 1,000 wells, each producing over $13 Million for $2 Billion? One Year of production can be estimated at over $13 Billion.

Why is Encino's production of Oil in Jefferson County ZERO per the ODNR Honor System of Reporting of well volumes? The article says "liquids-rich and dry gas windows of the Utica play in Ohio", so where are the liquids/oil in Jefferson County?

Is Jefferson County's shale formation closer to Belmont County or Columbiana County formations which were used to estimate well production?
Answer: Belmont & Jefferson Counties tight formations are more productive than Columbiana County's formation, yet there is no oil in the areas within Jefferson County line.

What is a Hillarycide and when do the globalists use this method of removing their problems?

What really happened to aubrey m?

I expect that before 2020 ends, Jefferson County will miraculously have oil. The Tanker Truck drivers have always know the Truth.

As Q says about these demoncrats/globalists and their kind, "These People Are Stupid".

Ron, I like the stupid comment.  Did you see how 3 out  4 attorney law professors looked testifying in yesterday's house judiciary committee impeachment hearings.  Some were Ivy  I know hLeaguers,Nowo too....holy  cow.  Now I know how so many attorneys gave the Chesapeake market enhancement clause their blessing.  I do hope the attorneys giving legal advise for here on out are smarter than that.  Listening to the three democrat witnesses yesterday give me much pause when it comes to hiring an attorney.  Attorneys everywhere will have much cleaning up after the three democrat testifiers.

Oh my god, this stupid bs is still going on here? 

Funny how people with severe untreated psychological issues tend to describe themselves with their insults towards others.

"These people are stupid" is a perfect example.

One of hillary's Treasons, and those who will share her fate, Time 10:40. The WD "group photo" with a few missing.

What's the difference between Arkancide and hillarycide?
Arkancide is the involuntary suicide of those who were a threat to the Clinton dynasty, or could have revealed the Truth of what was taking place in Arkansas during and after the Clintons took control of the State.
hillarycide is whenever a device is used to take remote control of an aircraft or vehicle with the intention of removing a threat to hillary or her handlers, the globalists. hillary owns the patent to the device which can remotely control an aircraft. Those she shared this patent with died in a passenger jet crash leaving her as sole owner. Could this have been a coincidence?

Those who have investigated the 911 event know that the passenger jets were taken control of remotely and flown to pre-planned airports in the US where the jets went into hangers to remove the "problems" that were still alive on the planes. Military craft were swapped with the passenger jets seamlessly in the air showing up on radar heading to New York and Washington DC.

One Flight Attendent made a call to her husband and told the story she was being forced to present. At the end of the phone call, those who were in control missed the fact that the Flight Attendant added her own message by whispering to her husband, "It's a Setup", then she hung up, declared DOA at the site where the Military craft ended up. Who would tell a lie when they knew they were about to die? No one.

What human would take down a passenger jet or helicopter full of US Citizens to remove one or more Citizens who were seen as threats? Humans don't do this, but sub-humans think nothing of it. The Twin Towers were taken down by these sub-humans to push their agenda, with no thought of those who were innocent and were murdered.

The above is True and will remain True with the passing of Time. Can You say the same of what You post?

The Walking Dead at time 10:40:

Latest "And We Know" video "When do the TRIALS for [DS] #treason begin?"


Treason takes many forms. Attempting to overthrow a President elected by We The People, Holding the office of President using false documents = Treason, handing over Uranium or other Domestic US Energy sources to Our Enemies (Communist China for instance), will all be seen as what they are, Treason. Those who are found guilty of Treason at the upcoming Military Tribunals, will share the same fate.

They never thought hillary would lose.

It’s a shame you missed your ride on the Hale Bopp Comet.

There was a time when Red Skies predicted the coming weather.

Red Skies in the morning "Sailors take warning". Red Skies at night, "Sailors Delight".

Now the skies are red each morning and each evening when you can see the sun & clouds.

Something has changed, and caused many events to occur like Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Coronal Mass Ejections, and now this unexpected & rapid change to a solar minimum.

I know what the event is which allows me to understand why & how Our Sun, Our Earth, Our Planets, Humans and Animals are reacting as they are, including why there is a New Meteor Shower every 6 months with New concerns of Asteroids striking the Earth.

It would be wise to wake up and look around, and ask what is going on. Flex your brains and be prepared for the Truth that is coming.

Change can be scary, but opening up your mind to accept the Truth will result in a smooth transition to the better world that is ahead for all of us. 

Hint:  This event caused the miracles that allowed the Jews to escape the Egyptians 3,600 years ago, and caused the Flood in Noah's Time which was due to a Pole Shift.

Did anyone notice the concerns of a Pole Shift in the past 2 years?  I heard it every day. We were very lucky.  

Commit yourself. It’s never too late to seek help. Beat of luck to you and your rotting brain.


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