Why do you feel the need to respond with absurd conspiracy theories on every thread? You're ruining this forum. At one point in time, GoMarcellus contained useful and educational information.  

You aren't helpful in the least bit. You've hijacked the forum to trumpet your political nonsense. The fact that Keith and the mods haven't shut your BS down is astounding.  Nobody cares. Join some wacko right wing Facebook groups to talk about your nonsense.  This most certainly isn't the place for it. Nobody here cares. That's a promise.

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You must of grown up with parents that didn’t believe in education. Now you’ve learned a little science and you think the sky is falling every day.  If your so concerned with educating everyone educate yourself first.  Sign up for free university classes.  You can follow along most of the MIT classes even physics and astro physics and they won’t try and sell you freeze dried food.  Your Q cult and other BS you follow isn’t science.  It’s a cult.  Maybe you can even learn why the solar minimum hasn’t caused NG prices to rise then offer a intelligent conversation about it here on GMS.


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