Why do you feel the need to respond with absurd conspiracy theories on every thread? You're ruining this forum. At one point in time, GoMarcellus contained useful and educational information.  

You aren't helpful in the least bit. You've hijacked the forum to trumpet your political nonsense. The fact that Keith and the mods haven't shut your BS down is astounding.  Nobody cares. Join some wacko right wing Facebook groups to talk about your nonsense.  This most certainly isn't the place for it. Nobody here cares. That's a promise.

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Hanging the Kenyan for Treason as he will be, only after his Military Tribunal is not murder.The Kenyan has over 10 counts of Treason recorded against him. Having 9 lives wouldn't save him.

No One Died At Sandy Hook. I gave you the phone number of Wolfgang Halbig in Florida who would love to tell you the real story of Sandy Hook. I knew from all of the inconsistencies during and after that False Flag. The governor & legislature of CT had to cover up the fact that there were no autopsies and no death certificates following the FF so they rewrote the law to make all autopsies and death certificates that are normally in the Court House Public Records only available to Law Enforcement for any CT Citizen that died in a violent crime. It is a felony with 5 years minimum sentence to release or leak these documents. WHY THE CHANGE IN THE LAW?  They forgot to forge these documents and will now pay the price for their Treason.

The State of CT has a large number of Sealed Federal Indictments to take down the CT governor and all who participated in the Sandy Hook False Flag.

I have never used foul language, never attacked another individual, or written anything that I can't prove as being true.

NO Landowner in the Eastern US (Scott Sonda of Sonda Farms in WV stood up for West Virginians, so I won't compare myself to him) has done more or risked it all to protect US Citizens from the fraud that all who are under production have been exposed to.

I ask for nothing in return, and I will never accept anything but seeing a Fair Royalty for All US Landowners as payment.

Money that Big O&G has stolen from US Citizens has been used in the past to block those who revealed the plans of Chesapeake who was heading into Western Ohio and Kentucky to defraud OUR FELLOW CITIZENS. I made this task difficult so money talked to block me on all social media.

Time will reveal the Truth.

Say what you want, this is a PERMANENT RECORD so you might want to consider that before you make false claims.

Those who scream the loudest with false claims will be proven to be the Guilty Party.

I'm on You Tube commenting as well in case the boys put together a Chesapeake sized sum of money to have me removed from this forum. I get to the point on You Tube, take a look.


So.....yesterday the conservative majority Supreme Court voted to allow families of Sandy Hook victims to sue Remington.  I’m not saying the ruling is right or wrong but it is what it is.   So you are saying the Supreme Court is in on the conspiracy.


I’m sorry Chesapeake ripped you and others off.  We have all been ripped off in life.  Unfortunately life is not fair and the court didn’t give you satisfaction.  You can’t go back in history and change it.  Get over it.  All on GMS except the few that want to stay stuck wallowing in their misery no longer want to see your BS.  We all know you truly believe what you believe.  Highjacking every post isn't going to make things better for you.

Wow, what is causing that Red Sky each evening after Sun down.

It also happens just before Sun rise but not quite red, more like pink.

I know what it is. Mums the word for now. 

Oops, those who are Chem Trailing the New Formula using US aircraft to clean Our air and water, Chem Trailed out tonights Sunday view of the evening sky. I question why they are hiding these objects. I'll know soon. 

Chemtrail New Formula:  "And We Know" decoded by Serial Brain 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAlqbqKgmCg&t=9s

I learned yesterday that in general US Citizens don't want to know anything new even if it is real, they just want to continue on the hamster wheel that they are trapped on. After hearing this, rather than telling this person what I know is coming and how it will improved his life, I decided to let him enjoy his current suffering rather than take any additional flack for spreading that Truth that cannot be stopped from being revealed.

At least this person didn't show the anger he was holding back caused by the mind control he is under by the CIA Operation Mocking Bird controlled Main Stream Media/Fake News. Some people go into a rage by trigger words that have been implanted. I've seen this enough to test the waters before telling a stranger the Truth that is coming.

Have someone you trust research the CIAs Operation Mocking Bird and report back to you. I know you are too busy to investigate this, or at least you have been lead to think you are.

Add this mind control to the additional magnetic pull the Earth is under, related to those objects you will see if you care to look, causing a much worse form of lunacy than a full Our Moon, and You will understand the past 6 years better. I know to watch my temper, since I know the strain all Humans and all of Earths creatures have been under. Have You Felt It? It is real.

A relative was on a hands free phone talking to me while driving a few years back. He said a guy pulled out in front of him on purpose and was slamming on his breaks, then pulled over waiting for my relative to come to his vehicle.

He said he was going to get in this guys face. I told him to leave the area, the guy could have a gun and was baiting him for a fight. He hadn't thought of that but I knew why this person was acting "loony".

Have a good laugh, but inside You know something is up. The Truth will be revealed as to what these objects in the South West sky just after dark are, one way or another. 

Richard,  Thanks for giving me my own space on GMS for posting the Truth that affects all US Citizens, which includes Oil & Gas following Citizens.

For those who are closely following the Trump Impeachment, don't. Q followers already know the ending, Our President Trump will not be impeached.

This impeachment show is being put on for those US Citizens who are not yet awake, which will unnecessarily stress out those Patriots who are awake and have elected and will re-elect Our President Trump.

All who are attacking Our President are Dead Men & Women Walking. Those who are not hung as Traitors at GITMO will have been previously Arkansided to protect the Deep State, died an untimely "natural" death, or committed suicide. No one will escape the justice that is coming, No one.

The NSA has been recording, video & voice of the Kenyan [husein] and his demoncrats while in the secret room (the skiff). Their Treason has been documented by their own voices. [ ] = The Kill Box

Trust The Plan.

Is Jeff Epstein alive and at GITMO, and were 500 criminals just picked up using his testimony?

Are Chem Trails Real and has the formula been changed to reverse what the kenyan and soros were spraying?

Is there a Group Photo of the Walking Dead?

Did DJT free the US from UK Admiralty Law and are we now under Common Law?

Is funding for THE WALL being used to protect US Citizens from more than illegal aliens entering the US by building the Wall?

Are Comey and Mueller more than Best Friends?

What is The Alliance, what countries make up the Alliance and what purpose will they serve?

The answers to these questions have already been revealed to those who know where to look.


You have to be a certain kind of demented to invalidate the deaths of dozens of children. Shame on you and shame on Keith for giving you a platform to speak from.

You both should be ashamed of yourselves. It's absolutely disgusting.

Was that a State Helicopter or an O&G Helicopter that stopped just above the ground on my property and turned to face me while I waved and smiled.You and those who sent You will fall, You sooner than You know.

Either way, since You didn't land, I have to guess that You gave me Your best intimidation act.

Your communications have been recorded. Your fate is already sealed, there is no escaping justice. 

Be very worried next time You fly that craft. I have noticed a trend that bad things happen to those who do evil after they cross my path.

No fault of my own of course. Stuff happens to those who commit evil acts against me.

The future will change for the better without You and Your friends, that no one can stop.

Your move Keith.   You are losing the integrity of GMS.  

It has been Keith’s move for over a year. It appears he is apathetic. We have a man making a joke of young children dying.

Now I have to say that these last posts of Ron's were a little upsetting.  This is a side of him that I had not seen until a few minutes ago. 

But I still say that Bashing anyone posting on the internet should never be done!

Granddad Ladd

Really Grandad Ladd. Just a little upsetting.  Nothing new here, where have you been.  Same BS for a long time now and still acceptable to you.  Murdered children and everything else but Ron is just a little rough around the edges is he.  Not sure about the laws in PA but here in Ohio we have antiquated gun laws.  

Certain convicted felons (but not all) are prohibited from owning firearms, as are individuals with substance abuse problems or who are deemed mentally incompetent. Ohio does not require a waiting period prior to purchasing a gun and only requires background checks for guns purchased from federally licensed dealers. Ownership rights can be restored.

I wonder if folks thought the guy in Ohio that murdered all the little Amish kids at the school near Ron was just a little rough around the edges?   
And we still can’t have a discussion about O&G without insidious crazy BS everyday. 

Did anyone say the words paranoid psychotic?


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