Why do you feel the need to respond with absurd conspiracy theories on every thread? You're ruining this forum. At one point in time, GoMarcellus contained useful and educational information.  

You aren't helpful in the least bit. You've hijacked the forum to trumpet your political nonsense. The fact that Keith and the mods haven't shut your BS down is astounding.  Nobody cares. Join some wacko right wing Facebook groups to talk about your nonsense.  This most certainly isn't the place for it. Nobody here cares. That's a promise.

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You must of grown up with parents that didn’t believe in education. Now you’ve learned a little science and you think the sky is falling every day.  If your so concerned with educating everyone educate yourself first.  Sign up for free university classes.  You can follow along most of the MIT classes even physics and astro physics and they won’t try and sell you freeze dried food.  Your Q cult and other BS you follow isn’t science.  It’s a cult.  Maybe you can even learn why the solar minimum hasn’t caused NG prices to rise then offer a intelligent conversation about it here on GMS.

Know this, that the message is more important than the messenger. I will not respond to those who will one day regret what they have said.


Wow... we all have had a big misunderstanding.  You have thought this whole time you were at a “message board” site.  This is a “discussion “ site where folks post “discussions” about O&G and have intelligent posts back and forth so we can become more enlightened to all things O&G.  Even though the Feds have taken down a lot of your favorite Alt Right domestic terrorism sites there are still a lot of Soviet hosted message board sites where folks like you can post all things related to hatred and the destruction of democracy.  Just go to your favorite search engine like google and type in words like hate, bigot or domestic terror etc and you will find a home.  Best of luck.


Stay tuned for another episode of "Ron's Crazy Creepy Conspiracies"

Coming Soon!

Dave at Net4TruthUSA and WhirlwindRevolt on You Tube and Bitchute.com doesn't meet the standards of a family website with his use of profanity, but everything he says is True.

I knew Our future before Donald Trump announced his run for President, that future wasn't pretty. I did the research and believed that we were dead as many who were awake agreed. It was all on You Tube for anyone who wanted to take a look, they knew we were finished after hillary came to power.

That tuture changed 180 degrees after we elected Donald Trump as Our President.

Video: Barisma assets seized by Ukraine ( & Much More).

I saw the below story on You Tube about a Military Plane entering the Empire State Building on the 79th floor back in 1945. The fire was put out but the building didn't free fall as the Twin Towers and building 7 did on 911. Building 7 was "Pulled" per those captured on video, the term used by demolition experts for time to take down the building.

Story: "In 1945 a former B-25 Mitchell medium bomber that was converted into a VIP transport plane slammed into the 79th floor of the Empire State building.": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYsx735mSzQ

The difference between the two events was that the Empire State Building vertical steel beams hadn't been sprayed with Nano-thermite every 33 feet at a 45 degree angle and fused to allow sequential melting of these support beams to cause the typical demolition free fall to occur.

If you were to listen to the video, "TRUTH REVEALED! 9/11 Trillion$: Follow The Money!",  at time 25:05 You will learn that one case of insider trading prior to the 911 event, by a couple was traced to Marvin Bush, the brother of then President GW Bush who's company had sprayed "fire retardant" on the vertical columns of both WTC Towers and Building 7. Someone working with or for Marvin must have given them a tip using their insider knowledge.
President Donald Trump has promised to reveal the details of the 911 event to US Citizens when the time is right for You to know the Truth.


While the UK has been attempting to free themselves from the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels known as the EU/globalists, using a British Exit or Brexit, the control of the UK's Military has just been handed over to Brussels, the un-elected globalists/ EU.
How will the UK ever take back control of their Country with no guns or knives while the enemy has control of their Military? They won't unless we in the US wake up to the plan that is closing in on all of us.

Do You think those who have enslaved us are Good or Evil? After 911 and 19 years of un-necessary wars, you should be able to imagine the evil that has controlled Humans on Earth for too long.
Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, and other Western Countries have governments under the control of the globalists through leaders that have been hand picked by the globalists, like Merkle, Macron, Boy Trudeau, and others that have handed over their Nations Citizens to their globalist masters. hillary was selected by the globalists to finish the US off. They never thought she would lose. There is more to this story, but I'll save these Truths for another time.

In the US we have been inundated with False Flags, each one of these FFs causes the demoncrats to cry out for Our Guns. Why do they want Our Guns? We are the last hope to free Ourselves from an attempted demoncrat/globalist take over of Our Government in order to hand All US CITIZENS over to the globalists. I know what they had planned for each of us.

So why do I write? Soon those who have attempted to take over Our Nation will be arrested. You need to know that this is not a "Political" move, but the take down of those who have been committing Treason against each of us.
These O&G thugs who have brought a Biblical Theft and the accompanying dark days to each of us who are being stolen from each month, can not possibly be human caring people. They are part of the plan to destroy America. If God hadn't stepped in "They would have owned it all", Your pain and suffering means nothing to them. Some Landowners are now homeless due to the RICO Fraud being perpetrated on US Citizens.

Those who pray should pray on the Facts I have provided to You. Those of You who don't pray, keep those Facts You believe on Your mind prior to going to sleep. Your subconscious is more powerful than You know. Questions You have prior to sleep can be answered while You sleep.
Take the time to read "The Problem-Solving Power of the Subconscious Mind" You will be shocked and surprised at what Your Brain is capable of.

Why didn't someone tell us this the first day of school? Those who run Our World, didn't want us to know. Share this information with those who are in school or taking tests, their test taking skills will improve. https://medium.com/better-humans/how-to-make-the-power-of-your-subc...

Sub-humans are only capable of hurling insults, I know why.


You’re a bad person. It’s that simple.

I just hope you don't harm some innocent person that you wrongly perceive as a threat of some sort.

The shame is Keith allowing this on an educational O&G forum. What a coward.

Well, fortunately he is nuts and stupid. It’s intelligent nuts that are usually the dangerous ones.

The well products of US Landowners will be supplying the Energy needs for the entire US, the greatest energy users on Earth. Our Nation is a captured audience to Oil & Gas, we can't live without it today.
How could anyone dealing in Oil and Gas fail to make a profit?

Check out the graph at the bottom of this website: "US Electricity Generation by Energy Source Shares (%), 1949-2O19". Notice the Natural Gas is the number one source of electrical generation for 2019. What more do you need to know.

Let the negative news from Oil & Gas producers go un-noticed. We know they are dishonest in everything they do, why would they tell the Truth about their economic situation.
Remember, the many shell companies are Limited Liability Company's with proceeduralized directions for each LLC "member" to stuff their bank accounts with what they have stolen each month. The NSA has the evidence.

If a producer was actually having economic troubles, they could change their procedures to allow the stolen wealth to flow to the top where the ceo would take a bigger cut.

The good news is that going forward no one will lose their farms or homes due to this RICO Fraud causing foreclosures and We The People will have a chance to return stolen land and homes to those who were abused by those we trusted.

The proceeds from the current "glut" of stolen well products will belong to the US Treasury which will be We The People, and in a corruption free US, this money will be held to repay all US Citizens who have been victims of this crime.

In the future the volumes of well products will be metered and documented and a fair royalty will be paid on the actual sale of these well products with no deductions since there will be no one trying to skim off of the products as they flow to market. We own the infrastructure which was paid for by Our stolen royalties.

Let's be of Good Cheer, for the days to come will be very Bright for all US Citizens as this time of Darkness will be set aside as a reminder to future generations that corruption cannot be tolerated in Our World.

Dark To Light: 5 Days 11 Hours


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