I haven't seen anymore updates on the Pletcher or Rotz wells lately is any work begun over there yet? Any info would be appreciated!

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This should have been posted in the Guernsey County site.....sorry. And this is Millwood township.


getting closer....  pipeline Rows are getting cleared.  Access roads have been selected and will be cleared soon.  i have not officially signed off on my pad site but will after the holidays.  Pletcher pad is cleared.

last i have been told is the bit in ground around nov. 2015.  so still a ways off....

Thanks Ron......keep us updated if you will. Appreciate the news.....


Do you know which direction the laterals are supposed to go off the Rotz/Pletcher pads?  Have you seen unit maps?



Hi David,

i have seen the unit maps on both wells.  the legs all go south or south east. maybe more east. easier to tell you that pletcher well legs head toward Douglas rd.  mine follow the same line but end up more toward 265  if that makes any sense.  Blue Racer is cutting the ROW on me today and have much of the other properties cut except for George Moore on 265, he is holding out for now     as for the legs they end up going through douglas and Carpenter farms.

Rob...have you signed off on where your well will be?

I'm confused about this posting.I live at the top of Barker. Blue racer is up here working. Douglass and Carpenter farms are due East of Rotz property and pletcher property unless I'm missing something I can't see either legs of these wells headed that direction as almost all wells in the state go Northwest or Southeast. Unless there are properties I'm not seeing?

W Moore,   i have looked at the units.   pletcher and my pad are at the far west edge of the units, then they go all the way past douglas rd and mine even goes across 265.  South east may be more accurate.  carpenter, jackson, douglas , carmandy, masasis, and others are in the units.  nobody west of us.   i guess its south east, im judging from sunrise and set.


i have not signed yet.  getting with them after new year.


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