we are wondering why our royalties continue to drop we have been receiving them for 3 years we were told after the first year it would level off and the second year would be half of what the 1st year but that has not been the case it is now about a third and it is continuing to drop at least 100$ every month some times more is it possible that they are not letting it produce or  is it really not producing just wondering if anyone else is dropping  we are in noble county

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we are told a lot of things by the gas industry...has to be taken with a grain of salt...

royalties keep dropping and gas emptying out..of the wells...

maybe, industry is not releasing some of the gas since they don't have all the pipelines they need to transport...

we are also told alot of things from the ANTI side as well. aren't we Vera?


The wells are a finite resource....not an endless pool of gas there. The Producers produce and then move on. Current technologies allow for a small percentage of the available gas in place to be recovered (maybe 10-15%, IDK?)....nature of the beast.

Down the road, when the long term pricing environment dictates, and with new technology, they might come back after they have produced all their 'low hanging fruit' resources, and recover more gas from these 'depleted' wells. Don't see that in my lifetime.

I have read that there is an inherent danger in 'choking' a well too much....reduces the amount of gas that might have been recovered with a freer flow, so it happens at a great risk to the producer....that being smaller returns from a heavily choked well.

All in my humble opinion.

most of the ANTI''s just make things up or use creative interpretations of made up biased research'...aka make believe, like unicorns and fairies..

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how do i find out the production of my wells because they pay 2 months behind trying to balance the price and production to see if it is a price or production problem is not easy, is there a site i can look my wells up on? and the statements are confusing too. THANKS EVERYONE!

i use marcellusgas.org in Pa. maybe Ohio has a site like that. 


Check out the oil and gas well viewer on the Ohio Division of Natural Resources - Oil and Gas website.  It's absolutely the best source for nearly everything you need to know about the wells in our state.  It has actual documents from the initial well permit to the production numbers.  Enjoy!

     Just a tip: I would recommend deselecting the "active wells" box in the layering criteria on the left.  This will hide all the thousands of old Clinton wells etc. that nobody cares about anymore and leaves only the big horizontals on the map.  Click on these and go to "well summary report link" to view the specifics.  It's really awesome.


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