Some true,some hearsay...Aubrey is looking for a site to build his regional office with a Cambridge address.  Aep Utica is looking to drill a well behind the General store in Old Washington,early feb.   .AEP is drilling now in Harrison co. Rice will be moving their big rig from Belmont co. to daddy Shugerts well in Old Washington,soon. Bluegrass Pipeline coming thru the county this year. Compressor  station for Antero's well below Senecaville is ready to fire up any day.  Gulfport is sending rigs to Guernsey soon. EQT is wanting to drill 21 new wells in Guernsey this year. Carrizo has 2 pads built,ready to roll. Cheasapeake,all of a  sudden,likes Guernsey,better than Carroll. The company wanting to build an apartment complex at the I-77/Rt.22 site has agreed to help finance a sewer plant needed at that site& Coventry Estates. Motel to be built across from Pilot on the hill almost ready to roll. Some landowners near Quaker City are getting offers of $13,400. per acre to sell their Mineral rights.  Any other tidbits are welcome. You hear things from credible sources that may not even be true,but you be the judge.

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I have been emailing with someone from one of the offices listed in a previous post (asking people to contact the names in the list). When I asked if he knew of any reasons why the state was not allowing -- nor were the O&G companies force pooling -- any state land under the interstate(s), I was asked the following:

"Is there a specific project proposal that involved drilling under an interstate that you are referring to? If so I can likely find out the exact reason it was not permitted or forced. "

Bo, earlier in this thread you made the comment "Salt Fork State park and I/70 are holding up a lot of drilling...." Do you have an explicit situation in mind that I could pass along to this person?

no specific cases,but pretty much all land north of I-70 and south of Salt Fork park, from I-77 to Antrim&Old Washington.cannot be drilled because the laterals from a horizontal well in that frame going north or south  would reach one or the other.

The response is truly spoken like a politician:

"Representative Holmes and I discussed your questions, he being far more connected with business activity in the district than I am. The Representative's understanding is while their is an interest in expanding oil and natural gas development in those areas, there is no finalized plan in place to begin doing so. He also isn't aware that any state regulations are deterring or unduly burdening oil and gas businesses looking at the area. However he recognizes the potential economic benefit oil and natural gas could have and our office will continue to monitor the situation.


Kyle Miller"

Utica Resources are drilling away on rt.265 Lore City. They have been leasing a lot of deep rights up along Institute rd. up to I-70. They are liking center twp.

Heard fracking is complete at the Gilcher pas in Londonderry Twp.

cool, royalty checks by spring!

I have land on Glenview road in Madison township. Original 5 year lease was with Shell and was extended for 3 more years with Ascent with option to extend 2 more years. I just contacted them and they are not extending the lease with no explanations. We were told this was the sweet spot of wet gas in Guernsey county and a prime location. Anyone know why they would pay 8 years for a lease and then just let it expire?

The price they are getting for oil and gas ? no cracker plants yet? No pipelines to a cracker yet?  It may pay them to take a break from Guernsey co. for a few years. when they fire up again, people may be willing to lease for a lot less?

That's weird that they would pay us all that money and just let the lease expire... Maybe that money ain't that much to them. I think I signed a same lease as you. I'm gonna contact my land man and see what the future holds for my lease. Landman said I was in a unit that he put together. Who was your landman for Ascent? Halo?

Our contact was through Ascent, when he released the second time around they kept all aspects of the original Shell lease other then the guarantee of 3 years payment paying yearly instead of in one lump sum. At that time he said we would be in a unit and drilled probably within a two year time span. Our property is one lot away from Salt Fork State Park and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with not renewing the lease?

Looks like we are all in the same club. Montage just terminated my lease in Oxford. I received 3yrs of an 8 year, year to year.

Maybe if the mythical Mead County Cracker actually appears, and maybe there are unicorns.

Too much gas and oil, not enough infrastructure.

Brett, was your lease bonus money a 3 year installment so you were at least paid in full on that aspect?  I am 3 years into an 8 year with Eclipse/Montage and my 4th final installment is due in March. 


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