Again Mr Trump was right..

and Ruskies taking his advice... ?

at any rate... ME oil fields.. being bombed...

Guess that might bring up the PRICE on OIL  ??

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Only a deluded Trump supporter would think such a thing. A normal person knows it's for retaliation against Turkey for downing  jet. Trump is a fascist poopie head.


You don't mince words do you adam ?


I thought 'fascist poopie head' to be very funny.

Sorry, didn't mean to minimize the circumstances by acknowledging how ludicrous the whole scenario seems to me to be.

Looks like our oil war.

Looks like their crusade.

Both (reasons ?) equally absurd.

In the year 2015.


LOL, YEA!  Lets go out and bomb 3,500,000 square miles  of a sovereign countries land. Because, they shot down our airplane. Gotta respect that reasoning and consider the source. Just has to be from a normal person.   :)

YA I  AM normaL. Russia was invited. Anyone else is there illegally violating sovereign Syria. And i''m deluded??  if i was Putin i'd  bomb the sheet out of the Turks right now that are invading Iraq's sovereign territory. Please Iraq give Putmeister the green light. I hope he has the balls to do it.

Only someone special would make a comment as to Russia bombing sovereign land in Syria.

Putin is bombing ISiS. which is a US.Saud ,CIA and Israeli terrorist creation to install Western puppets in oil rich muslim lands. Murica props up brutal puppet dictators destroys sovereign countries. Or maybe im wrong. and as TennToddy believes they hate us for truth  , justice, and the freedom the government gives us Muhricans.

Oil prices will not go up because it's the west believes the pressure will cause the russian's to topple Putin. Muhrica loves Regime Change.  So far it's not working . I wonder which/who  will last longer Murica's frackers  or Vladmeister.??

P,S, i'm pretty sure Trump admires Putin. After all they were stablemates on 60 minutes.

Muricans tea bags  too dumb left in the dark by US freedom media to know what is going on. This not on FOX ,,,hmmm how shocking...

Good Day Mr. Adams, and Joe.

The CRDA is a government agency. You cannot purchase it. You can request a function in it's charge to be initiated; such as considering Merit in an Eminent Domain case. That is all Mr. Trump could do / all you could do / all I could do. The CRDA felt the case had Merit, filed a petition for a Federal Judge to hear the case. Now if you have PROOF Mr. Trump bribed the CRDA then ya need to step forward so all can look at ya kind and wonder why you have not turned this information over to the federal authorities. If ya have proof and did not turn it over you are guilty of breaking Federal Law. What you read / hear / see / make up / lie about does not count! YES or NO? Do you have the serial numbers of the money / picture of it changing hands? YEA, UH HUH, OK, so either ya DO or ya DON'T? Ya argument and squealing is done at this point Mr. Adams. Case dismissed get out of the court room and ya still run the risk of a counter suite so do not stray to far away.

Lets continue examining ya perspective a bit closer :) I feel something massive is about to happen. :) Maybe a realization even you cannot cry about.

This case has been looked at by EXPERTS Mr. Adams. More attorney's than you or I will ever see. Mr. “Donald” Trump is not in Jail. All the cities and government bodies requesting rulings, DAILY through out the United States, are not considered breaking YOUR LAW. LOL Ya killing Me Mr. Adams; Ya Killing Me!

You would argue the Titanic did not sink! Water was, merely poured over it! Lets continue! Before Joe loses concentration.

Just because a company goes bankrupt, which is not against the law Mr. Adams; it does not mean the board of directors or the owner of a company goes bankrupt with it. It does not mean they are guilty of anything no matter how many times it happens. To force issue takes massive amounts of legal fees to Pierce the Corporate Veil. Even if ya can do that; ya must win judgment on the alleged offense / neglect. YA HAVE PROOF an illegal act occurred? YA HAVE JUDGMENT on this illegal act? So what gives you the right ta be callin' any one thief.

Do note which RAM is bustin' ya chops with words set forth by the greatest nation on earth. They will be followed by all, including sheep; No mater how many tears ya put in ya beer. :) The penitentiaries are full of 'boogy' men that stayed ya course Mr. Adams.

I do not have to come up with anything that refutes Mr. Trump is a “pompous windbag”? He admits it! As did Teddy Roosevelt, Patton, Douglas MacArthur, Ronnnie REGAN, Lyndon B. Johnson, Mr. Nixon, Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, more Loose Cannons than I can mention. Ya are in good company Mr. Adams. :) Remember ya my hero now! :)

Ya time line is off . LOL, I did not know nor do I care if Mr. Trump went to a military themed High School. I did not know nor care if he contributed to the Marine Corps Legal Fund. These were the words of the thread author, Mike Fulper, not mine Bright Eyes. Put Ya beer down and pay attention.

BTW, who have you so graciously contributed to Mr. Adams. Fiddy Cent to the Boy Scouts does not count.

The SCOTUS, passed Law as you say. Therefore the law of the land was legal at the time 'Bright Eyes'. If you are screaming they was paid off then again step forward lets see ya PROOF. YEA, UH HUH, OK, so either ya DO or ya DON'T? You can use the law and so can anybody else. Unless you want to live in Nazi Germany. Then you can spread your unsupported manure all ya want Mr. Adams. Here in the USA there are laws DICTATING how you can express your opinion. However, ya disagree with them to. It is still questionable if you even want to live in the USA and abide by OUR laws, Mr. Adams?

Your case is over twenty years old Cowboy. The states amended their laws and this is a good thing. Shows our system works. If we must follow the laws then the state governments must also. These laws where not in effect at the time. Your hateful babbling of thieves has thrown ya over the abyss. You scream proof, proof, he lies, he lies, he is a windbag! LOL, ya comical Mr. Adams. I do not see ONE legal entity prosecuting Mr. Trump or New Jersey. I see a jealous self proclaimed Player? LOL, Riding a worn out scooter. In ya haste to prove ya worth Mr. Adams do realize the first test of slander; has the remark been proclaimed publicly? If so then the case has MERIT. This is a public forum Mr. Adams. You are talking of a very wealth man and your next President. It would go wise being careful what ya say about a man of Mr Trumps stature. Otherwise you may have to eat your words like Ted Nugent did. LOL; A player ; Ya Killing me Mr. Adams. I would hate to see or hear what ya can play :)

Atlantic City through the specialized agency, CRDA, found MERIT, in the Coking case, and requested a ruling by the courts. Consider this Mr. Adams. The chain of events were well underway before Mr. Trump even planned the construction 'Bright Eyes'. Have you even read the petition? The city previously set up a separate HIGHLY SPECIALIZED agency to revitalize that specific area of the city. Hence it's name. Not only is it legal to request an examination of MERIT; Atlantic City / New Jersey encouraged it. If ya can conceive the concept of VISION, did Mr. Trump even request a review for MERIT. Now if ya care to compare notes Mr. Adams; Ms. Coking was fighting to keep her property long before Mr. Trump came along. That's right, another PLAYER built steel super structure around the Coking property, a hotel I believe. She won that fight to. Point is Mr. Adams Atlantic City / New Jersey was aware of this situation / problem. Why do you think the legal infrastructure was already in place to revitalize that area. Stay with me Mr. Adams. If ya care to admit reading my entire reply, to Mr. Joseph-Ohio, with out quoting excerpts out of context, legal analyst far more qualified than you and I, conclude CRDA would have won the case if proper LIMIT was declared. Hence the scuffle by some states to redefine LIMIT. Do your own research Mr. Adams this is not a legal seminar. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck you could safely bet it is a DUCK! It looks like Atlantic City / New Jersey set the stage and pitched massive concessions and incentives if ANYONE would pick up the torch per say. Atlantic City / New Jersey had already drawn a bulls eye on the entire area for revitalization, not just the Coking property and two others that also won. They needed the only man capable of completing their project for the benefit of the entire community / city / state. Was Mr. Trump approached by the offer from New Jersey? Is Mr. Trump, your object of disdain, or is it the government of New Jersey you are throwing your attitude at. Maybe it is the American way of life which disgusts you so bad? Ya' gotta come out of the hills sometimes Mr. Adam so ya do not fall to far behind the times and judgments of the Supreme Court..

Your analogy strict by the letter is true. However as our society so dictates the letter is not always the best for ALL. That is why we have courts to interpret the letter to provide the need and protection of ALL our citizens. The revenue Realized by the city / state / New Jersey would have been massive and welcomed by the entire state. Many public NEEDS would have been realized.

You have taken my quote out of context Bright Eyes. Mr. Joseph and I was discussing Eminent Domain. I drew the research closed at that point. Next you will want me to find all the pit falls of Hail. Both Trump's business' and Hail are beyond the scope of this post Mr. Adams. :( The point is his business was restructured. You do not have a good grasp on how Business operates do ya Mr. Adams. The inherent risk to stock holders is known when stock is purchased Mr. Adams, unless you do not know what you are doing. Then ya lose and ya scream THIEF. If you want to research the is full of companies that have gone down. GM, Chrysler, etc etc etc...Ya can spend years pointing at what you call thieves. The entire country is built by them. Ya' cry over every thing. Are ya' sure you are a BIG Player :) Mostly over things ya just do not understand; I can tell that from ya Drivel. < Capitalized for JOE to SEE. :)

Whether I like Mr. Trump or not is a non ya Mr. Adams. Point is I do not think what you are spreading is right :) Ya have it all over ya shoes, ya pants and ya face. Ya do not know when you are drowning in it.

If you want to pass up a million dollar offer that is your business. If you want to fail in the role as a provider for your family that is your business. Mr. Adams. If you want to call the federal government “a gun to your head” scream it as loud as ya can. If you want to hurt the community and possibly kill it. That is your right Mr. Adams. However, just because Bobs / Bob and Son / B&S LCC broke one off in someone ya know does not mean YOU have the right to call every one in the country a thief. The current law of the time was being followed, analyzed, and judged by EXPERTS Mr. Adams. No one was put in jail for following the law of the land handed down by the Supreme Court Of The United States Of America. If ya do not like the laws Mr. Adams, LEAVE. I'll buy the ticket for ya' and ya scooter to.

If it jerks ya chain so bad Mr. Adams, file a law suite against Mr. Trump and Atlantic City / New Jersey. Mr. Sorell will probably support ya poor efforts. That is what the courts are for Mr. Adams. You have the RIGHT ta stand before a Federal Judge and call Mr. Trump a liar, windbag or what ever else is in ya vocabulary to his face. Show us how ya run with the Big Dogs. Yea, / Uh Huh / I Thought So. All talk and no Walk. You shout ya home made Drivel at the top of ya lungs. Ya do not understand business, financing, restructuring, concessions and incentives nor rights 'undah' the law. Gasoline is meant as a fuel Mr. Adams the fumes are harmful. Ask Joe.

When ya get ta the pearly gates Mr. Adams I am sure, IMHO, you will disagree with the almighty, whom ever he may be, on how he runs his house. :) I will pay to witness the look on ya face that day :)

Let's get out of the way so Mr. Joe can count my words make statistical comparisons, judgments, inferences, wait days after the reply closes to insert unmeaningful Drivel into the time line incorrectly. He even admits it LOL. Thereby displaying his up bringing. He always has been an embarrassment to the family according to Sis'.

Happily a member of Joe's family now Am I. :)  

All we can do is pray Mr. Sorell's capacity returns.  :)

Should they (ISIS) continue involving us in their heinous terrorist assaults I suggest that we lay the place they call home to total waste.

They should not confuse our anger with fear.

Neither should our own leaders make that mistake of their population.

Many times the media and our leadership use the word 'fear' when they should use the word 'anger'.

In my books it's ok to get angry when there are enemies to deal with.

Why do our own leaders use the word 'fear' so often ?

Are they trying to talk us into being afraid so as to gain even more power ?

I am suspicious of just that at this point.

Good luck to all of us - I think we need it.


Aha... finally .. Mr Joseph-Ohio agrees with Mike Fulper and Donald Trump  !!

Bomb the Middle East...

Thanks Mr Joseph for the endorsement...... I knew you would recognize the truth one day  :)

Reply by Joseph-Ohio 3 hours ago

Should they (ISIS) continue involving us in their heinous terrorist assaults
I suggest that we lay the place they call home to total waste."

Tyler Durden

In late October,we noted    that for the second time this year, Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the biggest exporter of crude to China.

Russia also took the top spot in May, marking the first time in history that Moscow beat out Riyadh when it comes to crude exports to Beijing. “Moscow is wrestling with crippling Western economic sanctions and building closer ties with Beijing is key to mitigating the pain,” we said in October, on the way to explaining that closer ties between Russia and China as it relates to energy are part and parcel of a burgeoning relationship between the two countries who have voted together on the Security Council on matters of geopolitical significance. Here's a look at the longer-term trend:

You may also recall that Gazprom Neft (which is the number three oil producer in Russia) began settling all sales to China in yuan starting in January. This, we said, is yet another sign of the petrodollar’s imminent demise. 

On Monday, we learn that for the third time in 2015, Russia has once again bested the Saudis for the top spot on China’s crude suppliers list. “Russia overtook Saudi Arabia for the third time this year in November as China's largest crude oil supplier,” Reuters writes, adding that “China brought in about 949,925 barrels per day (bpd) of Russian crude in November, compared with 886,950 bpd from Saudi Arabia.”

This is an annoyance for Riyadh. China was the world's second-largest oil consumer in 2014 and closer ties between Moscow and Beijing not only represent a threat in terms of crude revenue, but also in terms of geopolitics as the last thing the Saudis need is for Xi to begin poking around militarily in the Arabian Peninsula on behalf of Moscow and Tehran. 

As we documented in "Saudis Poke The Russian Bear, Start Oil War In Eastern Europe," Riyadh has begun to encroach on Moscow's markets in Poland. Here's what Bloomberg wrote back in October:

Poland has long been a client of Russian oil companies. Last year, about three-quarters of its fuel imports came from Russia, with the rest from Kazakhstan and European countries. Poland, however, is at the center of efforts to reduce the European Union's dependence on Russian energy. 


A new and reliable supplier is a godsend. As for the Saudis, they need to expand outside Asia where demand is falling. 


This could turn into a more active shoving match between the world's two biggest oil exporters, which already are at odds over the Syrian conflict. 

Indeed, one could plausibly argue that one of the reasons the Saudis moved to artificially suppress prices last year was to sqeeze Putin and ultimately force The Kremlin to give up its support for Assad. As The New York Times put it, a dramatic decline in crude prices has certain "ancillary diplomatic benefits."

Unfortunately for Riyadh, the strategy hasn't worked. In fact, it's backfired in more ways than one.

First, Saudi Arabia is facing a fiscal crisis as Riyadh's budget deficit balloons to 20% of GDP, forcing the kingdom to tap the debt market in order to offset the SAMA burn. 

Second, Putin not only refused to give up his support for the government in Damascus, he actually doubled down by sending the Russian air force to Latakia. Meanwhile, Russia continued to pump even more oil, and as Bloomberg reports, Moscow is now producing at "the fastest pace since the collapse of the Soviet Union." 

"Russia’s unexpected oil bounty this year is the result not of a new Kremlin campaign but of dozens of modest productivity improvements across the sprawling sector. Even pressured by plunging prices, as well as U.S. and European Union sanctions that cut access to much foreign financing and technology, Russian companies have managed to squeeze more crude out of some of the country’s oldest fields," Bloomberg writes, before noting that "Bashneft and other Russian companies working fields in the Volga River basin -- some of the first to be discovered in Russia early in the last century -- are benefiting from Soviet inefficiency as [the old motto was]: 'whatever we don’t produce will be left for our children.'"

For analysts, Russia's resiliency has come as a surprise. “I know of no one who had predicted that Russian production would rise in 2015, let alone to new record levels,” Edward Morse, Citigroup’s global head of commodities research said.

As for what it would take to curtail production, Mikhail Stavskiy, head of upstream at Bashneft PJSC which has been "the biggest single contributor to increased crude output this year," says he doesn't know. “I don’t know what the oil price would have to fall to for things to change dramatically. We’ve been through $9 a barrel and production continued, so if something like that happens, we know what to do.”

Indeed, thanks to the low cost of extracting crude from Russia's oil fields in West Siberia and the devaluation of the ruble, production costs are rock bottom:

But not everyone agrees that this is sustainable. Some say efforts to improve efficiency have run their course and with financing for exploration scarce, further gains may be hard to come by. Interestingly, Bloomberg also notes that because Moscow takes "nearly everything above $30-$40 a barrel" on exports, producers won't feel the impact of low prices until crude falls substantially below those levels. 

“Russia will maintain its current oil production levels within the bandwidth of 525 million to 533 million tons next year, as the federal government’s budget is set on such production levels,” Stratfor's Lauren Goodrich says, presaging more of the same in 2016.

The takeaway here is that the Saudi gambit failed to wrench market share away from the Russians and between the conflict in Syria, Moscow's closer ties with Beijing, and Riyadh's move to antagonize The Kremlin by encroaching on Russia's eastern European market share, one shouldn't expect Putin to back down any time soon. In short, if John Kerry and Riyadh did in fact plan to bankrupt the Russians by tanking crude prices, the effort was a miserable failure that resulted not only in a 20% fiscal deficit for the Saudis, but also in the destruction of American jobs in the oil patch.

We close with a bit of humor from Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov:

 “I will tell you when Russian companies are for sure going to decrease production -- when oil costs $0." 


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