Hi does anyone know who is buying in bradford at thr moment? We are interested in sell some of our rights

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I would contact Repsol as they seem to be the only ones doing anything locally
Is it repsol energy or what is their name or do you have a contact for them?
I know someone. Please message me if interested.

I tried to message you

We live in Bradford county and were contacted last year by a company interested in buying our rights. I have forgotten their name (letters like JL something) they have now opened an office on Main Street in Towanda.  The contacts name is Marrianna she was in Texas at the time her number is 214-213-8523.  It seemed like a serious offer but I am sure it was because we had just been included in a well.  We didn't sell but you might want to contact her.  Good luck!  

How is your well going
It is good we are in the north section of the hemlock well and can’t complete. It looks like the south side has higher production number but it is all good.
Can’t complain!! Typo


Where are your minerals located?


Barbara, where exactly are you? I am on East Street and I heard that Repsol is putting another well pad in over at Alderson's. Is that true? I am hoping one goes in at Cooley's

I heard the same thing...who knows! 


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