Hi, has anyone been approached with offers to buy your mineral rights?  We just had a very lucritive offer from a company ..... $5,000 per acre.    Just wondered if any other have had such offers. 

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This thread has become quite interesting and I do respect all views on this subject. Mr. Holliday, my heart felt thoughts and Prayers go out for your wife, yourself ,and family. Glad you are doing your homework, as you have a lot to think about with making a quality decision while taking care of your wife. I also tried talking with my children about giving my land to them and they give me the same answer your children gave you. I have talked with friends in eastern Ohio that say this oil & gas industry has ripped their immediate families a part. Goes way back to relatives from past generations.  I often pondered the thought of selling all or a percentage of my minerals until I read a post on this site 3 or 4 years ago. I really didn't know if it would cause me any conflicts or consequences in the future. My area of concern was a referenced legal term "Partition". Type that word in search box top right corner of this page and it will pull up old archives pertaining to those threads regarding "Partition". I sure do miss some of those intellectual minds from back then. Jack Straw was one of the best from PA. Not all states allow this type of litigation, but I think PA allows Quiet Title to get around it. You definitely need an Oil @ Gas Atty. to protect you and family heirs.  I found this Link below today as I couldn't remember the legal term. It's one that is concise to the point without the long legal court cases.Think this person is from W VA. Best of luck with what ever decision you make and be sure you are comfortable and have peace.  Just an opinion.  


Steptoe is a really good firm. Partition is an interesting area of the law, seen in WV. Does it also apply to PA?
Steptoe is a really good firm. Partition is an interesting area of the law, seen in WV. Does it also apply to PA?


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