Selling oil/gas rights vs mineral rights and the confusing hydrocarbon deed to do so.

In reviewing a hydrocarbon(oil/gas) deed I've come across some weird wording and could use anyone's opinion or facts/experience on this before I take it to an attorney. 1) The deed to separate the oil/gas rights from surface rights specifically mentions "Helium" as part of the oil/gas right sale. Anyone know why?  Also, the deed says hydrocarbons and "Non-hydocarbons. The buyer claims this is due to Pa. law saying shale gas is a mineral and not a hydrocarbon. What is this about? Any one out there have a copy of a good oil/gas deed that I could look at to compare what I'm seeing? I'm trying to sell some gas/oil rights while keeping surface rights. This is turning into a nightmare with a potential separation deed that allows buyer all or most of my surface rights, including selling r/w for any pipeline projects, etc. I would like to do as much as I can before hiring an attorney in order to keep my costs down.

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Dude, ya gotta try to lay off the sauce;  it has begun eroding your cranial matter.  I realize the hour was late and you were pretty far gone, but gosh . . . . . 

And I'm sorry an obvious industry guy like you might not be doing all that great right now.  But you know well your business is cyclical.  Dry your tears.  It'll come back.

Now regarding your rant, realize we're mostly all landowners here, not industry people.  As landowners we are the people who OWN the resource you need to exploit in order to make a living.  Sorry for the inconvenience your industry suffers owing to the need to deal with us, and on occasion actually pay us.  I know you would steal our gas if laws and circumstances permitted.  All too often you invent ways to steal it regardless. 

I acknowledge your industry's preference for FSD leases.  You want to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, on OUR properties.  And you don't want truth tellers like Gringo and me out here spreading the word about ways to limit your freedom of activity.  Well, sorry dude, you lose.  We are here and we are not going to remain silent.  Deal with it and, once you have sobered up, I hope you have a nice day!!


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