My dad has a lease run out in June, and he had a landman stop yesterday. Apparently, they are offering $1,000 per acre.. LMFAO


Does Shell really think the landowners that signed the original BS leases are gonna come out and sign for that after their neighbors just signed for $3,250 6 months ago? I know, I know, it's the old they don't have competition. Tell you what, add up the acreage of all the old leases coming due, along with current holdouts, and they just found competiton. I really hope that landowners, without LAWYERS can keep communication lines open and not settle for BS lowball offers....

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I teach, so I think when farming slows in mid June I may do just that...


Great advice, I agree completely.  As a group you may (should) be able to get a good attorney to work at a very reasonable rate due to volume.  That way you get the best of both worlds, professional advice and council, and the power of a large acreage volume to lure the best offer.

Good luck to you Lance

 Shell is droping leases in Tioga county PA,THE 1000.00 they offerd is more than there offering in Tioga co.

Tiogo County has already been transitioned to production, correct? Lawrence is still in exploratory, which mean almost all of the land is leased, but not HBP. That makes a big diference. With us, leases will expire and become renewable. HBP, not so much. My thoughts..... Plus, Tioga doesn't have the Utica if memory serves me...

What do you expect to happen Lance? Your dad won't sign or you think Shell will up the offer?

I know for $1k, there will be no ink. As for Shell, I cannot speak on behalf of them. I know there are at least 60 some landowners coming out of old East leases this year. I will put some time in on the county database, and encourage them not to take the chicken feed. If everyone stays put, the offer will have to go up. Remember, when they went around hoodwinking in 2008, they were just going after larger parcels, so the acreage will be large.....

Lance while I'm mostly with you on your reference of "professional service", a lot of lawyers have gained a bad rap with how these land deals are formed and their payment methods.  I was raised with the belief that a man should be paid for the work he has into it and that is not the case in these land groups at times.  good luck and i would try to find someone with good advice and willing to work on a per hour basis. 

Thanks. Legal representation, in my opinion, would only be needed at the very end when we are close. There are MANY land group contracts available, as I have copies. I would hope that one of the parties interested would be an attorney and do some leg work pro bono. (good luck, lol)

Lance - wdnm, llnh, dlnw...

*work like you don't need the money, laugh like you've never been hurt, dance like no one is'd I do with the 'chat language/shortening? THAT one is all my own...I'm working on my 'shorthand' so that most of these kids don't have to torture themselves with my 'long-g-g...hand'...

...O?eho (Opinions? - everybody has one) your year finishes up WELL...and it's not too cold or wet for you to get done what you need to get done on your spread.

haid (how am I doing?)

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Lance, in the County Recorders site I see a recent release of lease granted by Shell to a Nimmo. Is this your dad? If so , I take it they did not move the offer upward?

Have you had any offers from anyone else or is Shell the only game in your neck of the woods? Have you tried to contact Hilcorp? I know they have retained some leaseholds that are surrounded by Shell.

Is his current lease with East? I know for a fact that East did not do title searches on all of their leases here in Lawrence County. Alot of people in New Beaver were paid in spite of the fact that Cemex (was Medusa Cement) owns the mineral rights. Just throwing the possibility out there that there may be title issues? I think East was just amassing as many leaseholds as possible to fatten the buyout price for Shell. As it turnes out Shell holds all rights to Cemex mineral holdings as they are uncovered by title searches.

Definately no title issues. Slippery Rock Twp.


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