It is official......

I drove past the old Shell office outside of Wellsboro today along Route 6 and they have now changed all all the signs and logo to Seneca.....

Hopefully they are reputable and easy to deal with as Shell surrendered my lease a few months ago

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Has anyone gotten a royalty check yet from Seneca? We had our royalty from SWEPI set for direct deposit, and it always showed up in the account on the 25th of the month. We thought Seneca might be sending a check through the mail, but it's way past the 25th, and no check.

They said the checks are being mailed out from Houston on the week of the 9th.

We just got the Seneca check. Price of gas was WAY down for August, but the biggest surprise was the 'Gathering fee'. Seneca's 'gathering fee' (owner deduction) was more than double what it was with Shell. Makes for a pathetically small check.

"Gathering fee" (deductions) was 40% of the owner gross.

My check was the same half of what shell paid us.

Received Seneca Check a deductions were aprox DOUBLE of SWEPI.   This BS.   Also there is a Entitlement Decimal, an now anew Disbursement Decimal.   Not sure what this is about.

I'm really taken aback about the huge increase in deductions.  Not sure what the recourse is?  

Are your leases old East Resource leases with "no deduction" clauses, or newer, Shell leases?

newer shell.

I also received my first royalty check from Seneca.  The amounts of the checks have been so paltry for the last several months that I didn't see much difference.  I have an old East Resources lease with a " no deductions" clause.  I did not see any deductions listed, but I did see a code for a "gathering" deduction.  I called Seneca's landowner relations number and left a message asking that the code and possible deductions be explained.  I have not heard back yet.

Senaca has not posted the production of the shell wells they bought on the DEP web sight?

Hi Brian 

Did Seneca actually deduct anything for the code u mentioned from the bottom line..........?

As I had a lease like yours from East.


So far, the answer is "no."  My question for you is, "Did you have deductions from your first Seneca royalty check?"  I did not see any monetary values listed for a deduction, only the code.  Perhaps there is some way to figure if deductions were subtracted, that I don't know of.  As I stated before, I called Seneca's landowner number, got shunted to voicemail, and left a message requesting clarification on the issue.  I have not heard anything back yet.  When I do, I'll post the answer for you all. 


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