Southwestern Energy announced today an offer to acquire Montage Resources. Does anyone have any experience or information on how Southwestern treats landowners? Any shady dealing around paying royalties? Anyone know something about them? Thanks.

We are receiving royalties from Montage and just wondering what the future holds if this merger does go through.

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Is this just for one state, or all Montage properties?

I don't know much about SWN but have a friend who seemed to have no complaints about them.

Everything. The entire company and assets.


SWN bought Chesapeake's holdings here in West Virginia years ago.  They have been slowly developing.  I haven't heard anything particularly bad about them.  I also haven't heard anything particularly good about them.  

We have had SWN for years.  They are more active and have drilled more productive wells than Cabot, who we also have because they traded properties with each other early on to get contiguous land to drill.  It may be our contract but we have had no complaints about their payments.  We are located in northeast Pa.


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