If you sell the surface rights to a property and retain the mineral rights,who gets the money for a pipe line? In PA.

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The surface owner does.

My "split estate" deed says the surface land owner "owns plow deep" and I own the rest.


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How does it work in the State of Ohio?

Does anyone have info on this?

Many folks are selling the surface (house, barns etc) but retaining below ground rights,

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A lot depends on the actual text used to describe how the minerals were severed. You can state anything up to 500 feet below the surface belongs to the surface owner, for instance. (that makes it easier to sell the surface).

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It depends how  it is worded in the deed, who/what  is the pipeline is for (gathering line or unrelated transport), and if the payment is for the "right" to lay a pipeline, or for "damages" to the surface. Read the deed, get a title search and a lawyer. 

What about HG Resourses in Ohio for title search


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