How are the surging natural gas prices affecting drilling this year, and what about going into 2022?  Are the gas companies taking advantage of these higher prices?  What`s next?

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What about the other USA markets including electric power generation?  Are they significant enough to support & grow USA gas production?

Utes will be switching to more N Gas as gas prices decline .. Gas hit 3.57 yesterday , there comes a point where Gas becomes very Investable again . The major demand increases will be LNG exports , conversely my home State will be banning any new N Gas hookups by the end of the decade , there will be others States with bans as well , California . The Ying and Yang continues .. If an Investor is right  , 65% , 70% of the time , they are either lucky , super smart , or both .. I've seen many a Financial Advisor brag about a CAGR 0f 8% annually ... 


Since late last week  OIL is back into portfolio ... No more SPR release last week ... 

Any gas companies "on the clock" for a buy-out bid? 

Most likely buyout ? As I have posted before CNX has got my vote for a merger or takeover .. Though anything is possible and suprises happen all the time . Who is the most likely to eye CNX ? AR , RRC , EQT , SWN , take your pick . Currently Haynesville is more on the radar with its decent wells and LOWER transport costs ... Who to watch in Haynesville ? CRK , CHK , and on a smaller scale SWN .. CRK pays a decent fixed dividend , CHK pays a variable one ... Cold weather predicted soon 

CNX posted their 4Q report this morning.   What is wall streets view?

Balance Sheets tell more of a TRUE story than press releases ... A quick look leaves this Energy Investor UNimpressed . Seems like a lot of 'creative' Accounting occurring ... Illegal ? NO ...  Shuffling of the deck ????  PS , just one mans opinion ...  , I am not a buyer here ...


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