The future of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners is brighter than anyone can imagine. The amount of wealth being generated for the O&G companies and those they serve is nothing less than phenomenal.

President Trump has stated that he is going to give us a Christmas Present, so this is a good time to remind all of what will take place as Severe Human Rights Violators and the Corrupt are arrested, just in case the "gift" is related to arrests.

Those who don't believe in Q or would like to wish him away, please don't read the following.

Patriots, read Q posts 11 and 26 at They were posted in 2017 but apply to the very near future. As Q says "Future Proves Past", this is an example.

These posts deal with the need to use the Military and the use of Martial Law while taking down the Traitors and those who are in Our Nation armed with the intent to take over Our Country.

The MSMedia and those in Pedowood will attempt to create an uprising against the Military so the UN troops that are already in our Nation can be used as "Peace Keepers" when the truth is they will attempt to disarm and conquer us.
Never fear the US Military. Each Member of the Armed Forces has taken an oath to defend the Constitution and will protect US Citizens.

With the recent actions by the Communist Democrat state governments of California, Virginia, Georgia and Counties of Cook in ILL and Broward in FL, each of which is attempting to "Infringe" on Our Fellow Citizens rights to defend themselves, it would be great to see the Military take these Traitors into custody.

What will take place over the next year has been planned since the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The payback to the deep state government for the overthrow of Our government November 22nd 1963 is close at hand.

The website now has icons along the left border. Click on the scales to see the Federal Indictment status for Ohio (Now at 6,000+) and all US States.

As the Indictments for Your State are served, keep an eye on those who are corrupt in Your Courthouse. If they are not removed, make sure to contact the US Attorney General's office or US Department of Justice in Washington. The intent is to remove all corruption in the US. Let's make sure this happens.

Merry Christmas!

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Hey Moderators, please remove this thread, we should not be seeing nonsense like this here anymore!

Merry Christmas and a medicated New Year.

Moderator! Please stop these kind of posts!  I am a land owner and I really need the forum for O&G info- but not this trash.


Speak for yourself, some of us enjoy his post. If the truth hurts you, don’t read it !!!

Thanks Jeff.

I appreciate that One American would stand up next to me.

Many have remained quiet out of fear while the corruption has grown to the point that many are close to losing their land and homes.

Theft for most US Citizens is hard to live with when they know the laws are blatantly being broken and ignored by those who took an oath to do what is best for us.

Many want to know why We The People have not been protected at any level of government from this RICO Fraud.

The Bible says to shine the light on evil, don't ignore it. The price of shining the light on evil has been too high to date for most, but the World is about to change. Stopping evil acts will be expected in the New World that is just ahead.

I know the changes are coming, the documents don't lie. 

Not wanting to know the Truth is dangerous for Our Nation, but I see this attitude in so many people. This is the brain washing by those who have controlled the media. Most that I know would rather ignore the Truth and continue down the same path, change is hard, knowing the Truth can hurt. 

In the US Our motto is and will be "In God We Trust". We love Truth and Justice. Get use to it. 

Removing anyone who speaks the Truth is the plan of the day in Our Country at this moment in time. That dog will no longer hunt starting tomorrow.

GMS the new dating chat site?

Always remember the words of the Chesapeake Energy North East Vice President:

"It is a good business practice to not pay Landowner Royalties, then go to court and only pay what the judge orders".

This is the Truth spoken and adhered to across Our Nation to date.

Time for those who have implemented and protected this good business practice to meet Military Justice.

This is why I know the future of Oil and Gas for Ohio and US Landowners is very BRIGHT. This is the Truth that no one can stop.

How do You know that The Future of Oil & Gas For Ohio, US Citizens and Landowners is a Bright One?

Look up into the Skies. Do You see those Crosses?
I can see them in Carroll and Columbiana, Ohio Counties. Does anyone see them in other Ohio, WV, PA, NY, KY, TX, CO, LA, CA, ND, OK, MO, Shale Play and All Other US Counties? This is Nation Wide.

Those Conspiracy Theories that Our Skies are being sprayed will now become Conspiracy Fact. God has stepped in to put an end to the Corruption that now threatens the Homes of many Landowners in Ohio and across the US.

In the video linked below by "And We Know" you will hear the formula that was being sprayed into Our Skies directed by the Kenyan, paid for with Soros money which was actually US Citizen Tax money funneled to Soros. Soros has been spending Our money to destroy us US Citizens and Our Country.

Listen closely to the video to hear the old and new formula being sprayed and that "Something Extra" is being sprayed for those who are not from here. That something isn't a chemical as I thought it was, no, they are Crosses for the evil ones to ponder and realize they are finished.

There are those who will deny, deny, deny, then counter with insults and lies. Time is running short for those who have controlled We The People while stealing from us in more ways than most can imagine. This will now be recognized as the Corruption that it has always been, which was ignored in the past, but will be NO MORE.

"There are those who will deny, deny, deny, then counter with insults and lies"

Yeah, this pretty much sums up Trump, the Republican party and their whacked out cult members.

Could someone please get me some of what Ron has been smoking ?

Great to see Keith enforcing his new forum rules. What a joke!!


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