The future of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners is brighter than anyone can imagine. The amount of wealth being generated for the O&G companies and those they serve is nothing less than phenomenal.

President Trump has stated that he is going to give us a Christmas Present, so this is a good time to remind all of what will take place as Severe Human Rights Violators and the Corrupt are arrested, just in case the "gift" is related to arrests.

Those who don't believe in Q or would like to wish him away, please don't read the following.

Patriots, read Q posts 11 and 26 at They were posted in 2017 but apply to the very near future. As Q says "Future Proves Past", this is an example.

These posts deal with the need to use the Military and the use of Martial Law while taking down the Traitors and those who are in Our Nation armed with the intent to take over Our Country.

The MSMedia and those in Pedowood will attempt to create an uprising against the Military so the UN troops that are already in our Nation can be used as "Peace Keepers" when the truth is they will attempt to disarm and conquer us.
Never fear the US Military. Each Member of the Armed Forces has taken an oath to defend the Constitution and will protect US Citizens.

With the recent actions by the Communist Democrat state governments of California, Virginia, Georgia and Counties of Cook in ILL and Broward in FL, each of which is attempting to "Infringe" on Our Fellow Citizens rights to defend themselves, it would be great to see the Military take these Traitors into custody.

What will take place over the next year has been planned since the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The payback to the deep state government for the overthrow of Our government November 22nd 1963 is close at hand.

The website now has icons along the left border. Click on the scales to see the Federal Indictment status for Ohio (Now at 6,000+) and all US States.

As the Indictments for Your State are served, keep an eye on those who are corrupt in Your Courthouse. If they are not removed, make sure to contact the US Attorney General's office or US Department of Justice in Washington. The intent is to remove all corruption in the US. Let's make sure this happens.

Merry Christmas!

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Keith. thats a great rule. my intention is not to be disruptive here. so many are still sleeping.

Hey where’s the Christmas present ?
Kind of bare under the tree this year
Your buddy did not deliver Ron

Ron ive been watching Q almost from the beginning in 2017. i agree with everything you say here. we have been controlled and stolen from by the british crown and the 13 families for the entire history of our country.  soon we will become The United States of America as many of our founders en-visioned. this is the most dynamic time of this planets recorded history. let our love be vigorous, as we all join in creating a new world..


    You will make the transition just fine to the New World which is coming. You are awake to be  sure. Q followers like ourselves have an advantage over others.

One Landowner emailed me & asked that I don't disturb the crowds here that would cause me to be removed from this website. They want to hear more News as it is decoded.

So maybe this is the only good response:  1 Corinthians 13:4-8   Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 

I'll add to the above Bible Verse: Love doesn't take joy in seeing those who are are asleep and unaware being awakened to find their Reality shattered. And so I will right when appropriate.

I know that the future of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners will be a bright one, but many still haven't gotten the word.

Today a Landowner called me to find out what is happening with Encino, but he didn't use that name, it was more like "The Thieves" but I knew what he meant.

This landowner has not been paid a royalty for over 3 months due to Encino making the same claim that Chesapeake made years back, that he was over paid. Landowners are years behind on their royalty payments, and this Landowner felt that he would never see a fair royalty in his lifetime.

After over an hour of discussion about what is coming, we arrived at the conclusion that he needed to stock up on popcorn and the favorite drink to wash it down, and he would stand by and watch Our President Trump, Our Military and the NSA take down all corruption in the US per the 12/21/17 Executive Order on Severe Human Rights Violations and Corruption that was written in order to make good on the Campaign Promise to remove all corruption from Our Nation.

I did advise him to call Encino Betty in Texas at the Owner Relations Department and file a complaint, and to do that every month until his Royalty is once again being under paid, rather than being withheld.

If You folks are tired of being stolen from, it would be very wise to notify the DOJ or US Attorney General William Barr by phone, email or letter to inform them of what is taking place in Your County. IF EVERYONE did this, I have no doubt that Our President would put OUR PROBLEM at the head of the list for serving the Sealed Federal Indictments that already exist for these folks and their "associates". We must become the squeaky wheel if we want this 0.1% to 0% royalty to be paid per Our Leases. We have never been paid close to what Our leases require.

Website for the US Department Of Justice:
Electronic Form:

Report Fraud or Public Corruption: Call FBI Hotline 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324).

If You do nothing expect to wait behind those who rise up and say they aren't going to take it anymore, time for the DOJ to take Action. It would be Great if Carroll, Columbiana, Hairison and Jefferson Counties had their Encino swamp drained immediately after the DC swamp is drained, but I can wait since I'm only one person, can You?

Federal Indictments by State:

Trump Throws Fresh Fuel on Dangerous QAnon Conspiracy Theory


The president’s recent retweets have conspiracists in overdrive. “Best case is we’re up getting a medal at the White House,” one QAnon luminary gushed.

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Getty

Donald Trump has used his Twitter account to blast his critics, pressure potential witnesses against him, and threaten to blow up North Korea. But for believers in the bizarre pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, the president’s Twitter account serves a more crucial purpose, with his retweets of QAnon fans offering them badly-needed proof that their ludicrous conspiracy theory is real. 

QAnon believers are convinced that Trump is secretly at war with pedophile-cannibals in the Democratic Party, a theory so unhinged and potent that the FBI considers it a potential source of domestic terrorism. Two QAnon believers have been charged with murders that appear to be motivated by their beliefs in the conspiracy theory, including the slaying of a Mafia boss, while others have committed vandalism or even shut down a bridge with an armored truck. Believers in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which has been incorporated into QAnon, fired shots and tried to burn down a Washington pizzeria.

Still, late last week, Trump or someone with access to his account retweeted a message of support containing the “WWG1WGA” hashtag, a reference to a QAnon motto. In total, Trump retweeted QAnon fans more than 20 times on the same day. 

Trump’s Twitter activity provided new fuel for QAnon fans, who are convinced, among other things, that Trump is on the verge of arresting and executing top Democrats at Guantanamo Bay. QAnon Twitter accounts and messages boards seized on Trump’s retweets as a tacit acknowledgment of their conspiracy theory’s validity, while the retweets also provided the QAnon promoters Trump boosted with access to tens of millions of new potential believers.

“It draws more eyes,” Roy Davis—a QAnon promoter known to believers as “Captain Roy” and the co-author of an Amazon chart-topping book pushing the conspiracy theory—told The Daily Beast.

It wasn’t the first time Trump pushed QAnon on his more than 68 million followers. On Thursday, Media Matters counted more than 72 times that Trump has retweeted QAnon believers, a number that has only gone up since then.

Nor was this the first time Trump or his campaign have referred to QAnon in ways that have been seen by the conspiracy theory’s believers as proof that it’s real. In July, Trump invited QAnon promoters and other social media figures to the White House for a “social media summit.” A warm-up speaker at a Trump rally used a QAnon slogan in a speech, and Trump’s campaign featured two QAnon believers in an ad, apparently accidentally. 

But QAnon believers, some of whom have alienated friends and family for their conspiracy theory, are especially desperate for validation from the president himself—or, saving that, from his Twitter account. That makes Trump’s retweets especially potent at further entrenching their beliefs.

“They certainly also get encouraged by Trump repeatedly retweeting QAnon accounts,” Travis View, a podcaster who tracks QAnon’s reach, told The Daily Beast. “They claim that Trump would never retweet pro-Q accounts if there was nothing to Q.”

It’s not clear how Trump decides which messages to retweet, and he could just be doing so without realizing the larger import of lending his endorsement to a conspiracy theory. The White House didn’t respond to a request for comment. 

But not everyone in Trumpworld is so quiet. On Monday night, Trump campaign official Jessie Jane Duff ripped into QAnon believers who were celebrating rapper and actor Ice-T’s apparently accidental use of a QAnon meme in a tweet.  

“I know we on the campaign don’t support Q and its all bizarre nonsense for ppl who need to believe something,” Duff tweeted. “Q is so absurd, why should the President acknowledge it when NO ONE cares? It isn’t a campaign issue. it isn’t an economic issue. It’s an issue for ppl who wish they were in the know based upon irrelevant or anonymous sources on irrelevant web sites.” 

I guess Ron is not familiar with a "Shut in" Clause and a post production cost in gas leases, SMH!

The Bright Future of Oil & Gas For Ohio and US Landowners

Anyone can say that Q doesn't exist or what I write is my opinion or my political views, but what you can't argue is the existence of and the number of Federal Indictments on the website

As these indictments are opened, Your World will change. All of the phony case law, judges, lawyers, politicians and arbitrators that have been necessary to allow You to run this O&G RICO Fraud against US Citizens will no longer be available.

The Federal and State laws will once again apply to O&G companies, and all corrupt Co's will belong to We The People, by way of the US Treasury, along with the infrastructure that we have paid for with the Royalties You have stolen.
We The People will pay ourselves fairly and uniformly across Our Nation.

I've provided the Executive Orders that are the bases for this roundup, in past posts.
This is the future, and nothing You say or do will stop these things from coming to pass.
No One Can Stop What is Coming, No One.

Evidence that the future of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners will be a bright one is beginning to show up.

See "And We Know" in link below.

When You call Encino Betty and she says that You were overpaid, remind her that 25% of each Ohio Well is owned by Total E&P and that the Royalty Due since Day 1, has yet to show up in Ohio Royalty Owners Royalty Statements. We have been severely under well as having 25% or the Royalty due stolen by guess who. 

It would be wise to Let the US Attorney General Know this when You contact him.

Note To Total E&P: Handing over the 25% Royalty due to Ohio Royalty Owners to another producer who's name I won't mention but this should be a good  hint: CHK, doesn't relieve you of your responsibility of ensuring those payments are actually paid to the Royalty Owners. I suspect You already know what the future holds for Total/Total E&P participating in this Ohio RICO Fraud.

Q has shown over and over again that his posts will be proven True by future events. This is stated as "Future Proves Past".

What is the probability that Q Post 1320 from May 2018 would be proven True by an event that took place on 1/3/20?
See for Yourselves:

Q Post 1320 - POTUS Took Control of Iran Today
8 May 2018 - 7:44:19 PM
Today, EVIL lost control / leverage of Iran.
Today, POTUS took control of Iran.
Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / intel against THEM.
Suicide watch.
The deal kept Iran quiet.
The goal was to keep POTUS in until impeachment / term end.
Bigger than people can imagine.
Treason is 1/10th.
Ask yourself, why are they panicking?
Ask yourself, why is UK, France, and Germany so involved?
Trips to the WH?
What are they hiding?
Why is HRC in NZ?
Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?
Why is that relevant?
Suicide watch.

"And We Know" You Tube Presentation - Time: 7:15:

The Bright Future of Oil & Gas For Ohio and US Landowners - Audit/Verify Landowner Acres In A Unit Are Correct

After the O&G companies are in the US Treasury, all Landowners will need to request the US Treasury to Audit/VERIFY the actual acres under production at every Unit.

There are experts in the Industry who have the ability to compare as drilled data against the current Unit maps to detect inaccuracies which are being used to defraud Landowners of royalties.

The laws/rules that govern how close a driller can be to a property border without paying the landowner for O&G removal from their property will need to be reviewed and checked for Fair Royalty Payment.

All to often Landowners have been told they have 1/2 acre in a Unit which reduces their ownership decimal fraction to nothing when in a 550 acre Unit.
I know of Landowners who have a Well Pad on their land but not all acres are in the Unit. Acres that should be in the Unit tend to get lost when no one is auditing behind the O&G companies.

One Landowner has a small parcel of 15 acres +/- that 3 Horizontals pass under, but they are not being paid for the total 15 acres when the 3 Well Division Order acres are added up.

Official Division Orders are no longer being sent to Landowners in order to hide the true Ownership Decimal Fraction from Landowners. The actual acres are no longer included on the Division Orders which is a violation of most Ohio leases.

All Ohio Leases signed prior to May 2019 are no longer legal documents due to not having a Licensed Ohio Realtor negotiating the leases as required by the Ohio Revised Code.

The O&G Industry has been on the highway to hell since it was first formed in the 2nd half of the 1800s. It's time to merge Right, onto the straight and narrow path of honesty & fairness for all.

The Corruption that has been O&G will now come to an end. God Wins, wait and see.


You reference Ohio and am wondering if you can also comment on WV?

Found out 19 of 98 acres were included in a unit and drilled, producing with the 19 not showing as producing.

It's a legal hassle for the owners..



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