The future of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners is brighter than anyone can imagine. The amount of wealth being generated for the O&G companies and those they serve is nothing less than phenomenal.

President Trump has stated that he is going to give us a Christmas Present, so this is a good time to remind all of what will take place as Severe Human Rights Violators and the Corrupt are arrested, just in case the "gift" is related to arrests.

Those who don't believe in Q or would like to wish him away, please don't read the following.

Patriots, read Q posts 11 and 26 at They were posted in 2017 but apply to the very near future. As Q says "Future Proves Past", this is an example.

These posts deal with the need to use the Military and the use of Martial Law while taking down the Traitors and those who are in Our Nation armed with the intent to take over Our Country.

The MSMedia and those in Pedowood will attempt to create an uprising against the Military so the UN troops that are already in our Nation can be used as "Peace Keepers" when the truth is they will attempt to disarm and conquer us.
Never fear the US Military. Each Member of the Armed Forces has taken an oath to defend the Constitution and will protect US Citizens.

With the recent actions by the Communist Democrat state governments of California, Virginia, Georgia and Counties of Cook in ILL and Broward in FL, each of which is attempting to "Infringe" on Our Fellow Citizens rights to defend themselves, it would be great to see the Military take these Traitors into custody.

What will take place over the next year has been planned since the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The payback to the deep state government for the overthrow of Our government November 22nd 1963 is close at hand.

The website now has icons along the left border. Click on the scales to see the Federal Indictment status for Ohio (Now at 6,000+) and all US States.

As the Indictments for Your State are served, keep an eye on those who are corrupt in Your Courthouse. If they are not removed, make sure to contact the US Attorney General's office or US Department of Justice in Washington. The intent is to remove all corruption in the US. Let's make sure this happens.

Merry Christmas!

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Per the 12/21/17 Severe Human Rights Violation & Corruption Executive Order, All US Domestic O&G companies found to be corrupt will be placed in the US Treasury.

At that time, We The People should request a Nation Wide Audit of All Well Units whether Horizontal or Vertical wells, to ensure all laws & rules are being correctly applied to arrive at Royalty Owner royalties due.

US Citizens who have been notifying the DOJ of O&G Royalty theft have more than likely identified most of the methods of thefts being used today.

There will be experts in the O&G Industry who will be contracted to help identify all thefts.

All thefts that You are currently experiencing JK will be addressed, and there will be a method provided for every Landowner to file complaints if any method of theft has been over looked/not corrected. 


     WV had a recent Law change that requires O&G producers to set aside the Royalties for Landowners that could not be located but are in a Unit.

Of course these Royalties will be no where near what is actually due to the Landowners, but it will meet the requirement to "Pay A Little Something" to meet the Lease being held by Paying Quantities scam.

Not having a lease will always pay better than having a lease, due to being a part owner of the well, which prevents the string of illegal deductions from being taken due to any Lease being "interpreted" by the corporate $$$ lawyers to favor the greedy producer, which includes all domestic o&g companies.

This may be for the large number of heirs who share but don't pay Real Estate Taxes on parcels, since Landowners that pay Real Estate Taxes are easily located due to the 6 month (soon to be illegal) requirement to pay Real Estate Taxes.

As always, the State will confiscate the money if unclaimed, which is an act that doesn't keep the Oath taken by any Politician to "Do What Is Best For Their Citizens, So Help Me God", more like a corrupt bonus for those who run the show.

Nation Wide Link To Unclaimed Oil And Gas Royalties:

Spent 30 minutes trying to determine status of House Bill 567, that became Senate Bill 244. It's not obvious as to how or if these Bills have become Law. It shouldn't be this difficult to follow a law change.

The Future of Oil & Gas For Ohio and US Landowners - Class Action Lawsuits, don't and do's.

Lawyers are rushing to have Landowners sign up for Class Action O&G Suits. Odds are, based on the results of past Class Actions O&G lawsuits your lawsuit will be settled out of court for pennies on each ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS stolen. This falls within the NE VP for Chesapeake "Good Business Practice" to "Not Pay Landowner Royalties, Then Settle Our Of Court and Only Pay What The $judge$ Orders".

The Wise Landowner will not sign with a lawyer, but stand by and wait until the class action runs it's course in the courts, or Your problem is taken care of by Military Tribunals which is more likely, due to the time it takes for the court$ to hear Your case.

The transfer of the wealth of US Citizens to lawyers regardless of the cause of the class action lawsuit has been a way of life in Our Nation for too long. 

If You feel the need to throw away more of Your hard earned money, before signing a Lawyers "Retainer" it would be wise to read and understand the Retainer Your chosen lawyer hands to You. Take the Retainer home and have a friend, a neighbor or relative that has some street smarts assist you in understanding the contents of the Retainer.

I had a lawyer ask me to sign the Retainer while sitting in front of him. He knew if I took the Retainer home and read it, he would never see me again, and he didn't.

The only reason I can comment on O&G is because I negotiated a Retainer that would not prevent me from telling the Truth about the Lawsuit, Arbitration or the RICO Fraud being perpetrated against Ohioans & All US Citizens by O&G companies.

Look for the below items in a Retainer, then don't sign until these items are removed. Everything is negotiable when hiring a lawyer so don't hand over your rights, or control of the lawsuit and potential settlement payments, due to signing a bad Retainer.

1) Power Of Attorney - Attorney will sign Your checks in the low probability that you should receive an award. Attorney will take his fees and any amount that he pleases, then you might get a "Little Something" the same way O&G Producers pay their royalties. Who will you call if your Award is stolen by your lawyer? Another Lawyer - good luck.

2) Non-disclosure clause - This clause is used to silence you. Never sign anything that will prevent your voice from being heard after signing a Retainer.

3) Your Up Front Approval Clause - It looks like this: You agree to allow me to settle the case in any manner I see fit, even if the settlement is not in Your favor. Anyone who has signed this work of fraud obviously didn't read or understand what he/she signed.

Why Our State Swamps Must Be Drained Before The Bright Future of O&G For Ohio & US Landowners Can Become a Reality:

Article from the Washington Sentinel, January 7, 2020 By Warner Todd Huston - "18 Republican Governors Who Betrayed their Voters By Asking for More Muslim Refugees"  (See list and link to story below)

This is Our Nation and this would have been Our Future if Our Federal and State Swamps were not scheduled to be drained.

Radical Muslims and Christians are like Oil and Water.

The demoncrats want to hand over Our Nation to the globalists, along with these 18 governors. What are they hoping to hide, and will they succeed?  Hint: God Wins, World Citizens Win

Look at France, Iran, China, Canada, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, The US, Germany, N Korea and Others Nations. Like the Jews 3,600 Years ago, God's People want their Freedom. 

This is beyond politics, it's more of a Global War of Good vs Evil. Can You Feel It? I know why.

For those who doubt, keep watching the REAL NEWS, the evidence will become clear.

1). Doug Ducey, Arizona
2). Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas
3). Brad Little, Idaho
4). Eric Holcomb, Indiana
5). Kim Reynolds, Iowa
6). Larry Hogan, Maryland
7). Charlie Baker, Massachusetts
8). Mike Parsons, Missouri
9). Pete Ricketts, Nebraska
10). Chris Sununu, New Hampshire
11). Doug Burgum, North Dakota
12). Mike DeWine, Ohio 
13). Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma
14). Kristi Noem, South Dakota
15). Bill Lee, Tennessee
16). Gary Herbert, Utah
17). Phil Scott, Vermont
18). Jim Justice, West Virginia

Story Link:

Read an article that people around the world are all experiencing the same vision. They see the return of Christ. They say it will be a Black Muslim Girl. If this is the case your out of luck in the next place.  

That’s the biggest list of losers I have ever scene
Man that is worse than Hillary Clinton

Thanks Ron , I enjoy the entertainment and info....keep it coming.   This thread is your “safe space” From all the crybabies and snitches trying to silence you.   Keith make him stop ,   Keith  please make him go away he’s angering me ....nplease 

Thanks for the post FRACIN MY CH4.

I'd like to talk strictly Oil & Gas and there is plenty to say about that future,  but the Changes ahead will be more than most will be able to accept in one massive Truth Drop. So I have to go out on a limb and take the abuse that goes with knowing.

Those who are wise will look at Our Presidents Plans for Our Future. Also, What advancements in science have been kept from us, Who would like to enslave Humanity and Why, Why is the battle of Good vs Evil cyclical, What is the Armour of God and why we would want to be aware of this protection, How has our solar system changed in the past 5 years, What is the Matrix how does it tie everyone to the Universe, are aliens from space or evil inter dimensional beings, and more (not in order of importance).

I have seen what has caused all of Our Solar Systems symptoms, caused the upset of the brains of Humans and Animals, and Earths changes due to the event that has been a cyclical event for Billions of Years.

I hope this event continues to be cyclical, for another Million years, but some things I don't know, yet. 

Those who are saved due to believing in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for each of us, can count on living on. Our Souls are immortal.

There is more to say on this topic but it is too personal, maybe after more is revealed over time.

But I will say the Future Of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners will be a bright one.

How do I know that the future of O&G for Ohio Landowners and Our Nation will be a bright one?

In 2014 I found a website of an individual who was running for office in one of our several levels of government, that made claims against the politician he was running against. I wrote him a letter asking him to turn in that official in to the Department of Justice where an FBI Agent advertised that he liked to go after corrupt elected officials.
Not long after sending the letter I got a phone call from an irate woman who gave her name but her screaming made her words intelligible. I can't confirm who called me but I believe it was the wife of this "Individual", scolding me for asking her husband to go against the government he was trying to become a member of. She must have discovered the level of corruption that was in place and feared for her and her husbands life.

In each of Our governments, Federal, States and County there are Citizens who know the Truth about the corruption that has been taking place but have been afraid to reveal this Truth due to the level of corruption involved. No one would believe them and there would be no one to take action against the corrupt if the corruption extended into law enforcement, the courts and those who work in the area of law.

As the many Federal Indictments are served, those who know the Truth will see the Corrupt individuals around them rounded up and speak out to expose those who are corrupt and have not been indicted.

When the corruption in Our Nation ends, there will be huge excesses of money in the treasuries, and those States that have Shale Play O&G production in progress will begin to see the True amount of wealth that had been flowing from their States and the EXTREME LEVEL OF THEFT of Landowner Royalties that was taking place across Our Nation.

Check out Your Real Estate Taxes that are coming due. If the millage rate was reduced in Your County, You will see the value of Your land and Buildings going up again in order to prevent the Tax being collected from dropping. Once a government gets use to a certain income, they don't care to allow that income to drop below what they have been making.

An assessor once told me during a re-appraisal that the value of land and homes was skyrocketing and that the Real Estate Taxes would be going up. I asked this question: "If the housing and land market collapse, will my property values drop?" The answer was NO. If there is a reason for raising taxes, they go up. If their is a reason for lowering taxes, they don't go up as much, as proven by the 2020 billing.

I haven't received the 2nd issue of the "Good Will" generating Encino News Letter, so I've decided to not print the GITMO Edition News Letter, but instead invest in pallets of Soap On A Rope for those who find themselves at GITMO or other US Military holding facilities after being indicted by Military Tribunal.
For those who are found guilty of Treason, I'll consider donating a lifetime supply of the same gift. We're only talking about 3 or 4 months of soap for these individuals. Similar to George Bush Sr and No Name McCain, those indicted for Treason won't waste away in a cell.

Do Your research, these two Traitors didn't die of natural causes.

Hold on, the end of this corruption is in sight. The demoncrats are out of things to investigate, now comes the pain.

"Royalties: Why some strike it rich in the natural gas patch, and others strike out".

If you have nothing better to do, you can read the story about these two PA farmers and why they are being treated differently in the payment of their royalties. The article is lengthy, a whitewash and full of cow manure.
State Impact Pennsyslvania, Feb 28, 2018:

Better yet, I know the Truth. It's short and to the point, so read on.

Charlie, the farmer who is being paid to his satisfaction is being paid by Cheif, a company that doesn't spend the kind of money required for Immunity from RICO Fraud, USPS Mail Fraud, and Conversion, but still dabbles in royalty theft as do all O&G producers and coal companies.
Charlie probably has no idea how much his royalty should be. He could own a thousand acres under production but the acres are not mentioned in the article in order to protect the guilty. It wouldn't take a fair royalty to make a sizeable check each month if the farm is hundreds of acres.

Jim, the farmer who says he is being stolen from is not being paid because his producer is Chesapeake Energy. Enough said.

Jim said he and his wife will have to sell the farm to retire. I wonder how close Jim is to a sheriffs sale due to Real Estate Tax Fraud for O&G land that isn't paying a royalty.

In Ohio, I know a dairy famer who has a well pad and 2 Horizontals on his property and is being paid $3 an acre by Encino which I estimate to be a 0.1% royalty. Chesapeake was paying a 1% royalty before Encino/Canadian Retirement Fund which is owned by China & others moved in to take it all.

Encino doesn't bother to pay the elderly since they forget easily and are very nice when they call in to Encino Ownership Relations, this was true of Chesapeake as well. When Encino Representatives tell them "You have been over paid" there isn't much else they can do, since most elderly have seen the US Trend of Esquire lawyers of the British Accredited Registry transferring US Citizens potential wealth to themselves and the Queen Of England. I might add here, THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

Question: What was the BAR?
Answer: The first "British Accredited Registry" (BAR) was established in Boston during 1761 to attempt to allow only accredited barrister-lawyers access to the British courts of New England.

Note: This was before the US became a Nation in 1783, or so we thought. We are now actually free for the first time in US History. Wait and see.

The Hammer Super Computer has the evidence of where the royalties have gone Nation wide. You can check the current status of Federal Indictments for Your State and it's O&G royalty problem here:    Promises Made, Promises soon to be kept.

The Demoncrats are running out of time and will soon be attempting to jump ship. This will require Martial Law and Our Military to round up those at the top since many have committed Treason, then the Military will work their way down to those who have engaged in O&G Corrupt Activity.

Chesapeake is now owned by the carlyle group in Washington DC, very close to the DC Swamp which will be drained first, followed by the Swamp in each State. T-bone Pickens, owner of Chesapeake from 2008 to 2019 and earlier owners of Chesapeake will not go unpunished for their corruption. China employed executives and those working for them in the US Oil Patch will be rounded up

I suggest that those of You who have been stolen from update Your popcorn supply and Your favorite beverages, because the D-5 Avalanche is about to start. Soon my friends, Soon.

An Update from Q on 1/23/20: See Q drop 3794 State Funeral Definition at

The demoncrats use funerals to place Our government on hold while the MSM & Fake News will turn the event of someone who has passed into a major 4 day distraction.

RGB was put on ice some time ago according to many Patriots, but the latest from Field McConnel of The "Field Report" indicates a Peanut Farmer has agreed to a timely demise. This hint points to JC from Plains Georgia. My bet is the You Tube Independent Reporters will be the only source of US and World News during this time.

Demoncrats will use this "Sad Event" to buy time while figuring out how to cover their crimes, but there is no where to Run, and no where to Hide. No One escapes the justice that is coming, No One.

Hanging out on channels with independent reporters like "And We Know", "James Red Pills America", "The Patriot Hour with Mike", "Field McConnel", "Mike Adams/The Praying Medic", "The Common Sense Show", "The Deacon", "WhirlWindRevolt", reading Q drops, and comments from Annons, can provide a clear view of the future for those who have inquiring minds.

Knowing what is coming is much better than being lied to by the Fake News / MSM using False Flags in the US and stories of N Korea, Iran, and others making idle threats. We knew long ago that these threats were from the CIA planted in those countries, not their Citizens.
This is how I know the O&G Future for Ohio and US Landowners will be a Bright One.

!!!!!!! Communist China Says Americans Owning Guns Is A Serious Problem That Must Change !!!!!!!

This topic effects the Bright Future of all Ohio and US Citizens, take a look.

You Tube Presenter "Guns & Gadgets" presents: "Communist China Says Americans Owning Guns Is A Serious Problem That Must Change".

I know what was planned for us, but You may not want to know. Ask and I'll tell you what was to be, and why the future has changed.


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