The future of Oil & Gas for Ohio and US Landowners is brighter than anyone can imagine. The amount of wealth being generated for the O&G companies and those they serve is nothing less than phenomenal.

President Trump has stated that he is going to give us a Christmas Present, so this is a good time to remind all of what will take place as Severe Human Rights Violators and the Corrupt are arrested, just in case the "gift" is related to arrests.

Those who don't believe in Q or would like to wish him away, please don't read the following.

Patriots, read Q posts 11 and 26 at They were posted in 2017 but apply to the very near future. As Q says "Future Proves Past", this is an example.

These posts deal with the need to use the Military and the use of Martial Law while taking down the Traitors and those who are in Our Nation armed with the intent to take over Our Country.

The MSMedia and those in Pedowood will attempt to create an uprising against the Military so the UN troops that are already in our Nation can be used as "Peace Keepers" when the truth is they will attempt to disarm and conquer us.
Never fear the US Military. Each Member of the Armed Forces has taken an oath to defend the Constitution and will protect US Citizens.

With the recent actions by the Communist Democrat state governments of California, Virginia, Georgia and Counties of Cook in ILL and Broward in FL, each of which is attempting to "Infringe" on Our Fellow Citizens rights to defend themselves, it would be great to see the Military take these Traitors into custody.

What will take place over the next year has been planned since the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The payback to the deep state government for the overthrow of Our government November 22nd 1963 is close at hand.

The website now has icons along the left border. Click on the scales to see the Federal Indictment status for Ohio (Now at 6,000+) and all US States.

As the Indictments for Your State are served, keep an eye on those who are corrupt in Your Courthouse. If they are not removed, make sure to contact the US Attorney General's office or US Department of Justice in Washington. The intent is to remove all corruption in the US. Let's make sure this happens.

Merry Christmas!

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Ensuring the future of Ohio and US Landowners is a Bright One.
Our US Constitution guarantees Our freedoms, including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
There are no qualifiers on this statement such as based on income, ability to pay taxes, age, race, religion, where you live, the quality of your home and other conditions that could be used to deny Your Rights & Liberties in todays society with the ever increasing power of our over reaching governments. Our local governments have partnered with the state to ensure they will always be in the right when attempting to steal what belongs to their "Subjects".
God has stepped in and Everything is about to change.
A like minded Patriot called me yesterday, I call him my friend. He lives in PA near a local government official. It appears that this official would like to see my friend removed from his home so his house can be torn down and his land re-purposed.
My friend has been in a 2 year battle with the local government, being ticketed for offenses on his property that never seem to end. Recently he was fined $300 for offenses that he thought were corrected.
Anyone who has worked for themselves earning a living repairing equipment, knows that in the Winter a paycheck can be slim to none making paying the bills very difficult. Most in this situation do without and rely on the generosity of others to provide work and donate equipment that can be repaired and sold. Being penalized over $300 for property violations is not provided for in Our Constitution, and is illegal. This action makes the pursuit of happiness nearly impossible for those who are not financially independent.

Another example of an unconstitutional act that a County Citizen told me of was an Elderly Women was removed from her home due to county authorities being of the opinion she was not safe living alone. My bet is, if we investigated this action by the County, we would find the Truth as to why this Elderly Woman was no longer welcome on her own property. This was during the O&G boom which made her property very valuable. Not having relatives or neighbors to protect You in Your Old Age makes You an Easy Target for those who are interested in obtaining Your wealth.

When "We The People" are given back Our Local Governments, We MUST put people to work to ensure that the elderly and poor are given every opportunity to stay in their homes. Today's county officials employed to help the elderly give advice such as "Hire a Lawyer" when O&G companies are stealing from the Elderly in Our Counties. My response to the Jefferson County employee who gave this advice when I reported an Elderly Jeff. County Farmer was not being paid his monthly Royalty was "We already pay a lawyer to protect us, he is the Ohio attorney general. Something is seriously wrong when we must pay another lawyer for Ohio Citizens to be protection from theft.

Many Ohioans now know the Truth about O&G companies having a complete lack of ETHICS and they don't follow their corporate Ethics Procedures when it comes to their treatment of US Citizens.

We MUST end Real Estate Taxes which have never been legal per the Law Of The Land since they are not included in Our Constitution. We must ensure that every Citizen has the right to pursue their Life, Liberty and Happiness regardless of age, or ability to pay.

I edit my posts to protect the innocent, since those who are corrupt are still walking the streets. ; Soon my Friends, Soon.


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