Has been quiet for a day or two now. Last week there was much activity.  An access road the looks more like a four lane highway has been built from Broughton Hollow road and curves around to a formerly open pasture or hay land and out of sight of Broughton hollow road. Lots of dirt fill to soften the grade and gravel on top of that. I was told that the area has been bulldozed severely. I probably would not know the area now. It has been a couple of years since I was four wheeling in that area.

An interesting note.

Several years ago two boys heard about a cabin in that general area. Leaving school they started looking for it with the intention of camping there over the weekend. Not knowing exactly where it was located,  darkness overtook them before they could find the sheltering cabin. It was quite cold and a snow storm was approaching. The boys were not dressed for cold snowy weather. They had a couple of feed sacks for carrying a few apples and sandwiches.

Police were out looking for them across the state. One boy had said that he wanted to return to his former home a few hundred miles away.

Early the next morning Terry Painter was driving along route 49 not far east of Ed Heyler's farm. Terry noticed a small figure making his way to the road. It was one of the missing boys. Terry gather the half frozen boy up and hurried him off to Doc Davis's office in Westfield. Terry then went back to where he first saw this boy. Terry then back tracked thru the snow probably close to a mile to where the boys had hunkered down for the night.  Terry found the other boy in his feed sack.  In the meantime the rescue people had been notified and were on the way.  But it was too late. The boy had already died from exposure.  Both boys had climbed into their respective feed sacks in an attempt to stay warm. But the one boy was bigger and unable to cover himself sufficiently to keep warm.

This Travis Peake well is located on the site where the cabin was that the boys were looking for.

I give Terry a great deal of respect for his attempt to rescue this other boy. Terry was not in the best of health and it was very hard for him to walk any distance.

I remember this incident very clearly as I happened to be driving down Broughton Hollow road just as they were bringing out the body of this boy. State police, Local police, many rescue people, ambulance and other vehicles were at the entrance of an old logging road.

Terry grew up on the very farm where this gas well is to be drilled.

Bill L.

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Thank you for the story and update.

Hi, which Twp is this in? The only Broughton Hollow Rd I know is up from Stony Fork and over to 287, and there's nothing new going on there. 

Hi Deb.

The Broughton Hollow  I am referring to is in Westfield Township. To be more exact it is about a half mile east of Westfield. Turn south at the first road east of town. The well access road is located about a mile and a half from route 49. Hope that helps you. Bill L,

thanks, Bill. Too bad it's not mine--good luck to you. 

Rumor has it that two or possibly three more wells are planned to be drilled on the Paint property. This comes from three different  sources.  But with the very intense access road being built to the first well, and other facts I have been asked about and told about, These rumors could very well be true.

Is this a good thing for them? Or would this be a good thing for anyone?

Supposing the land owner, and some do, decide to borrow a great amount of money against the possibility of a these wells not producing as expected....uuuuhhh oohhh a trap has been sprung and their expectations have turned to a nightmarish reality for them. 

Huge payments and no gas or oil well  income could very well be the result.

Bill L.

UPDATE  12/11/2015

Activity has picked tremendously at the Painter well site since Thanksgiving and especially this last week. Tri axle dump trucks have been burning up the Broughton hollow road for most of the week, starting before daylight and continuing until after dark. I Guesstimate at least 50 or more truck loads each day. three or four at a time. Two nights ago large lights could be seen against the cloudy skies and you could hear the bulldozer tracks clattering loudly all day long.

Looked like several sections of drill pipe had been offloaded a week ago but has since been moved to a site that cannot be seen from the road. At least one other trailer load of pipe was hauled past my driveway a day or so ago.

Bill L.

 Bill,have they drilled the first well ? If so have you heard any numbers?

Good morning Paleface. I do not think they have set up the drilling rig yet. It is 8:30 and I just came in from doing my birds. There were at least 12 triaxle and even a few four axle dump trucks go past  almost bumper to bumper in a fifteen minute period while I was outside.doing the chickens, ducks and guineas.  Late yesterday a huge bulldozer was being hauled away from the site. I will keep you posted as things progress.

Bill L.

Thanks Bill.

UPDATE 12/13/2015

This morning about 8:30 Am. I saw many flashing lights down the road in front of where my brother lives. It was quite foggy. With all the trucks moving constantly I thought maybe he had backed out in front of them. It is kind of a blind spot and narrow too. Before my wife and I could investigate, a convoy of about (12) 18 wheelers and other assorted vehicles roared up the hill past our driveway. Lu and I decided to drive up the hill just out of curiosity. There the convoy almost a quarter mile long was waiting beside of the road. A truck driver motioned us by. We stopped and he told us that the rig had to be towed up the access road. But that we could go past them. Once passed them we stopped to watch the activity. Lu said that she was able to see that first vehicle climbing the grade.  A bulldozer came back and was touching up the roadway.  After about ten minutes a large 18 wheeler attempted to climb that grade but had to back down to allow several  loads of gravel put down. These dump trucks had to back up the hill to un load. The dozer then spread the gravel and then did curliques  on the newly dumped gravel. Apparently that first truck must have been extra heavy and I guess might even have bogged down.

Triaxle dump trucks have still been making trips all morning long.

 I presume that it will not be long before the drilling rig will be erected. We might be able to see it from our house.

Bill L.


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