The Rome Trough "Potentially The Largest Oil & Gas Shale Play On Earth" - The Rome Trough Today

Without exception the Real Estate Tax pressure by each Ohio and West Virginia County is having an effect on Land Ownership for those in Geological Hot Spots. The Authorities know where the riches are and will ramp up the Real Estate Taxes in order to pressure Landowners into a sale or Tax Lien foreclosure.

A landowner who has been pushed to the brink of selling their land recently asked me for the Kentucky Brochure that contained the maps and detailed description of the 16 Stacked Oil & Gas Plays in the heart of the Rome Trough. This has been called the largest Oil & Gas Shale Play on Earth.

The links to the KY Brochure no longer take you to the Brochure, and I've seen one document that says the KY Brochure was incorrect, I doubt that.

This ancient ocean that formed the Rome Trough has come and gone throughout the history of the Earth leaving Carbon deposits that have decayed to Oil, Gas and NGLs in as many as 16 layers down to 24,000 feet deep.

The Smith Test Well drilled in 1986 in Wayne County West Virginia by Exxon was on the Internet in 2011 and it confirms that there are many layers of Shale Plays down to 24,000 feet.

When calling Wayne County using an old phone number for a past landowner, I found one Mr. Smith who said he would talk to me, even though I had the wrong number and since he was in an RV and had lost his home and land to a Sheriffs Sale, he had nothing better to do. These freak things always happen to me, so I take advantage of them.

He was unaware that WV has an 18 month grace period before the deeds are transferred in a Sheriffs sale. Mr Smith recovered his land by going to the Courthouse and inquiring on his property. The taxes that caused the sale were incorrect and not due. The call benefited both of us since this was Mr. Smith who "may" have been present when the Test Well was drilled on his property, and may have signed a non-disclosure agreement. He may have confirmed what was in the Kentucky Brochure, but I would never tell if he did.

Below are some links showing the Smith Test Well today, and the Rome Trough Maps on page 22a & 23a as noted below. These same slide/page numbers were used for the Rome Trough in the Kentucky Brochure, what a coincidence. 

Knowing how US domestic O&G companies operate and how other "authorities" share the wealth with them, it is only natural that the above folks would want to keep the secret of the Rome Trough to themselves. An unsuspecting Nation of Landowners are much easier to steal from when they don't know the Wealth that is under their land.

I suggest that each Landowner identify where they are on the Rome Trough map and act accordingly when a Cowboy or Cowgirl landperson from out West tries to give you $10 for Your 40 acres of minerals. Just sign here.

Better yet, sign nothing, the world will soon change and You will be paid a fair Royalty by We The People when Domestic Oil and Gas for the first time in Our Nations history actually belongs to We The People, with production by way of the US Treasury initially.
"Without an act of God, they would have owned it all".

Pray for and support Our President, Our Military and the NSA who are working to remove Corruption from the US, and much more.


If you can find the Kentucky Brochure on line - From The Kentucky Brochure: Section 3.4 covers each of the 16 oil and gas plays in the Eastern part of KY in the Rome Trough. The Rome Trough was an ocean that covered a large area of the Eastern US. I would expect the geology to be the same from the southern shore in TN & KY up to NY as the map shows.

Slide Show Smith Test Well:

Pages 22a & 23a in the link below, are the large Rome Trough large maps that were in the Kentucky Brochure.

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A few drillers spent  some serious money in the area and never retuned 

There are some new theories on where Oil & Gas come from, but with Coal having fossils that show past plant life and sea life, I'll continue to believe Fossil Fuels came from the Plant Life and ocean critters that are now Fossils.

Where better to find fossils than in the bottom of a reoccurring ocean, which is in fact 24,000 feet deep, with 16 O&G plays all the way to the basement.

Shale formations containing Oil, Gas and Natural Gas Liquids are a fact of life and those horizontal Wells produce Millions each year ($13,000,000 in less than a year). Those who don't want to share the wealth with We The People have worked hard to hide the wealth they are stealing from each Shale Play State.

There is so much Oil being stolen from Ohio that a glut exists at the end of the line, and no one knows where that oil came from, or they want to forget who it was stolen from. 

I know The Truth, and the Truth will be revealed to all.   No one escapes, justice will be served soon. 

Not only oil & gas but the Real Estate Tax fraud from Our Counties will soon end. 

US Landowners, relax, make sure to have plenty of popcorn, put your feet up and watch as the Military takes care of Our problem.

Time will reveal that the above True.


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