I was at an Industry brokerage meeting yesterday and this joke was made by one of the key people from Texas.  I thought it was very telling.  Really though, I admire this industry and it is not lies but pure Sun Tzu.

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It's just Bidness, Do what you gotta do to make the most profit.

yes, but these landmen will cross the line again just as they did the price fixing in michigan.

Hey Pat, nice to meet you the other day.  The rig you were looking for I believe is drilling the Whiting South well on 551. That area is going crazy with Hilcorp drilling.

thanks, at least its still in the area, lawrence county is exploding.

ron that cornfield thats laid out headed west off evegreen towards yeo farm do you think thats for the road to the well and the pipeline?, yeo has property off carlisle rd is that where the wells are going? i ran the latitude and longitude and i came up with the wells on the east side of the roadway of carlisle at the bend of the road.


attorneys used to be on the bottom of the list.

Pat, I saw the Plat map back in November , the Yeo pad access rd. will be from McBide and the pad closer to the Ohio line from Houston rd. I believe. 

ok thanks, their getting closer.there is another well going in just down the road from there by villa marie too..

Penn State Extension to offer a webinar on the Utica.  It was originally scheduled for Friday 6/20/14 but has been rescheduled for Tuesday 6/24...I believe 1 PM.  You need to  enroll online which is a very simple procedure.  Get educated!

Pat, where is this new one by Villa Marie?

ill get back with you on that latter i got to find the latitude and longitude again.


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