I just overheard a Tom Wolf commercial and golly gee willickers we all better get out there and vote for him!!  He wants to make sure our vocational students are educated in the skills and trade experience they need to ensure employment and access to good-paying jobs!!!!!!

er, wait, aren't most of those newer good paying vocational jobs tied to the increase in gas extraction activity, both primary and secondary?  Welding, diesel mechanics, machinists etc.........................

Well if these demo-crackhead candidates want to tax the crap out of the gas industry to ensure ample positive cash flow to the urban welfare queens, and said industry decides Ohio or North Dakota or wherever is suddenly looking much more promising, where the heck are these exceptionally-educated vocational students supposed to exercise their newly-honed skills?

So the vaunted severance taxes will supply ample travel and/or moving expenses also?


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It's lather, rinse, and repeat for the dems in PA. All want to tax oil/gas and Rob McCord seems to be the most militant. I notice Mr. Wolf doesn't mention wanting to pay additional taxes on his successful cabinet company.

McCord makes me want to put my foot through my own television screen.  "Fracking industry."  Good god, what an uninformed idiot.  At least he admits, in his own words, that he's a sucker.

The Democrat candidates will correctly assert Pennsylvania's severance tax is lower than other producing states.  What they intentionally fail to mention is that our corporate taxes are already higher than any other producing state.  Add to that the existing impact fee, and we are right up there today in terms of tax load on oil and gas producers.

If Pennsylvania passes a 10% severance tax, as some Democrats want, the gas companies will skedaddle.  And that, after all, is what many Democrats really want!!   

They also fail to mention Texas has no state income tax.

The impact fee is canceled if there's a severance tax imposed, reread act 13 Frank

And at least the impact fee is going back to the communities where as a severance tax will stay in HARRISBURG and won't trickle down to the communities.

Also if they impose a severance tax it can't just be on the oil and gas industry you can't single out one industry it will be all the natureal resources, coal, water, gas, etc. So a tax like this wont just effect the oil and gas industry it will effect a lot of other industires as well.



Come on, Duff.  I acknowledge your hatred, but do you really think I'm unaware of that?  Seriously?  Did you miss the word "today" in my post  . . . . or are you just trying to score points on the cheap?

Geez, Duff, get a life.  If this is the best you got, you have my sympathy.      

I agree 100 percent with Tom Wolf.Stop giving breaks to the people who dont need them.Yes im a future royalty owner.I work fulltime as a welder myself,work my ass off for a coprporation.Plus have my own business a welding/fabrication shop.I make fair money,but earn every penny.Burns my hide that you think everybody on welfare is lazy welfare queens,you know how many vets are on welfare?how many are homeless?or all the single mothers that work at these corporations,THAT YOU BOW DOWN TO,like walmart,that refuse to pay a living wage?That encourages them to sighn up for welfare.The wealthy are not the victims,thats whats wrong with this country.The ones that have it all,are the ones we want to help.THERS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE.Dont get me started on are current govenor.My opinon if the wealthy would pay there fair share,the country would not be in such a mess.All the tax loop holes,off shore accounts,just a month ago,didnt make much news,but catepillar,one of the companies i build things for,was offshoring all its profit over seas.Thats just one out of many that do this.You dont think that money would help our country,our debt???Like i said the extreme wealthy are the main problem of this country,everything is handed to them.Than what takes the cake,is your average workers out here bowing down to them,thinking this is right.There the ones that are suffering,the ones with sevearl million dollar homes,yahts,jets,yup these are the ones that are barely putting food on the table.THIS COUNTRY IS ASS BACKWARDS!

I couldn't disagree more......  other than the country is bass ackwards.   right is wrong   wrong is right.   disagree with a liberal black president and you are a racist.   get rid of the democrats in 2014 16.   Corbett is no good. any democrat is off the chart bad. any democrat.

The banner was put in place by the sailors on their way home after a mission to the war in the middle east , was the sailors accomplished mission , nothing to do with Bush except he was in a photo. was used as an anti Bush campaign symbol , and it worked too ........

Spinmeisters will be with us always on every topic. 


I acknowledge what you wrote is correct.  But you will never be able to reach the low information folks with mere facts.  When confronted with such unvarnished truth, they simply turn their backs.  Reality most often does not fit their world view template.

What's a fair tax amount 40 50 60 70 percent ?


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