I wondered when BP would finally show their face in this Great Oil and Gas play.


Congrats! to the landowners of Trumbull............me too, I'm one.

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Anyone that is with the ALOV trumbull group....how do you feel about the lease offer?

Finnbear I missed that thank you but what does indexed to the producers price index for all commodities mean ?Does that mean its adjusted to what they are selling the products for at the time?

Can anyone tell me what area of Trumbull County the majority of the BP leases will be located in. 84,000 acres is approximately 20% of the county land size. Is it scattered throughout the county or is it concentrated in a particular area of interest. Thanks.

Where is the acreage located in Trumbull County?  We have a couple acres in Lordstown but live in PA.


Linda - we are in the North Eastern area of Trumbull county in Kinsman.  I cannot speak for everyone else.  I would assume it's throughout Trumbull cnty.

thanks Amanda...

do or will the Amish lease their land too?

have also heard that if they have gas wells on their property (w/free gas) then they are 'permitted' to utilize for heat etc...   would that be a true statement also?

thanks DBD!

Linda - I believe, when reading the sample lease it reads that you cannot convert it into heating purposes.  There is some sort of compensation for it, but cannot remember exactly.  I'd have to check it out again.  To be honest, I don't know if I entirely understood their word play too well anyway. 

I'm not at home to see right now.  Does anyone else have any recollection on this?

Let me help,  I believe this type of well is under so much pressure unlike the smaller, shallower Clinton, that if you hook it up to your house for free heat, it would blow you house up :'))

that was my understanding also, however, when the shallow wells were being drilled all over OH, many Amish utilized the free gas, I believe.  I understand these 'big mama' wells are hands off and compensation only... :)

Curious to see how soon BP moves in to attempt "fill in the gaps" and what kind of money they offer to do so.

Does anyone know how many Companies had their hat in the ring , or was BP the only player?

Hopefully , with this deal done , the shroud of secrecy can be lifted and more information about this area of the play can be brought to light. Perhaps it is Trumbull Counties time to shine!

Good Luck Trumbull County!


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