I wondered when BP would finally show their face in this Great Oil and Gas play.


Congrats! to the landowners of Trumbull............me too, I'm one.

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Anyone know anything about a sign that i saw at the intersection of RT 46 and 165....showing ALOV with the BP logo and an arrow pointing towards 165?? What was going on?

directions to the trumbull signing at alov offices at the old school gym.

Im in northern Trumbull county. I wish I was on a lease with ALOV...Im thinkin I missed the boat. Can I go to Salem and try to see if I can still sign a lease with them??? I have 17 acres and dont know what to do.....any suggestions??? Thanks!

I'm sure you do Fang, I'm sure you do.

Any info would be helpful....I dont know what to do so .....Im on Alovs waiting list but thats it. Ive been to NELAs meetings but theyre only looking at 2000 an acre........

I just called them and gave them my info. IF they have a 2nd group going forward in the future they will contact me. Thanks, I didnt even have the phone number , so I appreciate the help ! Mark

What was their reason for not submitting your acreage?

You contacted Chesapeak directly and signed with them? Are you associated with any groups???

Anyone got a number to contact Chesapeake directly or an email? Any way to avoid the landmen?

I would go to landowner relations, contact, revenue email

and ssk them to forward it to the LANDMAN who covers XYZ.

Thy are active in that dept and will get that done for you.

Tell land you will nit deal with a agentand it might happen. 

I have no idea what you said!?...


I thought the same thing.


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