I wondered when BP would finally show their face in this Great Oil and Gas play.


Congrats! to the landowners of Trumbull............me too, I'm one.

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From what they tell me, they are not planning anything in Trumbull until at least 2013...good luck! Chesapeake, that is!

Congrats to ya! 

Alov wants to hear from anyone in Trumbull that has 5 or more that is not yet leased. Contact them directly at   alov.group@gmail.com

Why are they asking that??

Maybe they didn't get 75% to sign......


 That may be true in your case but that is not what ALOV Trumbull signed because ALOV Trumbull agreed to have at least 75% of the acres signed in April or BP can walk away from the deal.


Has anyone heard what % of leases were signed?

They aren't done yet!

That can't be right..........?

This lease (Trumball County) compared to the one online for Carrol County has different terms. Page 7 is different concerning the royalty payments. Carroll county is on the Gross whereas Trumball county has an added verbiage on the breakdown. Seems like a lesser formula.

I always thought that Buckeye uses the same lease format.

Can anyone add why this one is different?

We got to do something about those protestors, three tried to force their way into a signing and were arrested?  Then there is that Biersdorfer professor who seems to be the spiritual leader of all these hippie wanna be's.  I strongly believe that the energy companies should manadate that if any citizen is against drilling, their privilege to heat their homes and to fuel their vehicles should be terminated.  They can bring their animals in and share their body heat.

Apparently, they weren't even from the area.  This article states at least one of them was from Cleveland. 


It gets pretty cold in Cleveland.  I'd hate to be without fuel to keep me warm up there.


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