"Two New Global Energy Companies wish to infuse Utica Landowners Cash"

What have I been doing during my self-imposed exile from my beloved GMS?  Aside from driving all over the Utica like a tourist and transporting out-of town investors to see pipelines and cryogenics plants, I even got to drink a glass of port at the Spread Eagle Tavern.

Most importantly, I have been humbled as an invited member to advise two foreign Global Energy Majors who want in......want in the Utica.  Yes people, get ready if it all comes to light here shortly to a new round of big $$$money wanting to invest in our mineral rights. 

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Ron.....welcome back.



Invest in what way?   Buying minerals, investing in Operators, midstream, other support services?

What areas are under their radar? Columbiana county? Hopefully you didnt let them stay the night at the spread eagle tavern. May be a bit spooky for them suits. Lol

Welcome back Ron I missed your discussions the last few months. great to here from you.

Guys, I'm wiping my eyes from the joy of returning to the Land-of-the-Shale.  It was truly excruciating to be outside looking in :')

Thanks for the salutations. 

Okay then! I cannot say much for now but this is what I will say:

One of the energy companies has been laying pipeline in the artic for years.  Their representative says they wish to lease acreage and drill, they know this technology.  One request that they had was "seismic survey's."  I researched the entities and had a meeting to secure the survey's from this Oklahoma company and I was amazed how much money these seismic license will cost.  Not a problem for this Artic company, they are sending two representatives to meet anytime now.

Now the other company is a monster, if you read their website and their credits of what they built around the world, your jaw will drop to the "Utica."  This entity is so loaded with cash, they wish to invest long term.  What I gather for now is that they will lease throughout the wet gas and oil zones.  Also, they will buy minerals or partner up with landowners infusing cash for percentages of minerals if Landowner requires cash.  This entity, unlike all the others, want long term, want their money to sit with values rising as development occurs.  This is all I can say for now, but so far all of this is moving fast.  So I expect more progress in weeks.

I hope they aren't Russian.........................LOL

Welcome back & please keep us updated on this tantalizing news!

The Return of the ShrimpFarmer!   Welcome back Ron!  We missed you

HMMMM  I have heard rumors that Exon-mobile might be interested in CHK office complex in Louisville Ohio.  CHK has stopped work on the building.  By the way, what about the southeast section of Stark County.  We are right on the borderline between wet gas and oil.  Just wondering. 

Do you think Antero's news release yesterday will have an effect on new investments here in the Utica and will drop their ( Antero) stock prices?

Catt, All I am as most know here is a businessman that has invested and managed land for decades.  But, I have studied the play here from the beginning and used my business sense as well as my engineering background.  Don't worry about the missteps by all the players, keep your eye on the investments into our area, they mean more than anything.  Remember, it is still the development stage and the Cake is not ready to be served yet.

When you see money stop being invested into the play, then you must worry.  Right now, hang in there for a long ride for the new generation.

"CHK has stopped work on the building."

That is entirely false. I have been working on that building for almost a year now. It is nearing completion now and they should have occupancy permit  in the next few weeks or sooner.  The rumor mills have it that they are not going to occupy the entire building now, but about a third.

Thanks for the update.  You know how rumors fly.  I am glad to hear you are still working on that place.  Maybe the 3rd, got taken to mean they are selling the whole damn thing.  Thanks for letting me know. 


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