"Two New Global Energy Companies wish to infuse Utica Landowners Cash"

What have I been doing during my self-imposed exile from my beloved GMS?  Aside from driving all over the Utica like a tourist and transporting out-of town investors to see pipelines and cryogenics plants, I even got to drink a glass of port at the Spread Eagle Tavern.

Most importantly, I have been humbled as an invited member to advise two foreign Global Energy Majors who want in......want in the Utica.  Yes people, get ready if it all comes to light here shortly to a new round of big $$$money wanting to invest in our mineral rights. 

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I've got very BIG news flash for you. Sorry though,it's a secret. Makes you wonder if there's any truth to it even existing!


I require cash..........


So what is your role in this?  Why would a international Company of this size be going through you?   Just trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.


So far all I know for sure about any of this play is "WAIT"

The entire Utica Z Man.

All is well. Ron is back with his "I want to know more headlines"and insiteful discussions. 

"Follow the Money"    "Follow the Money"

Ron...Knowing you are from the Youngstown area..can you give your opinion and or thoughts?

How many Shrimp can I put into a 2 acre pond......typical lead off joke from presentation 101...

Your thoughts on Ashtabula County?  Blackridge was the only one to come in at certain area but appears to be hedging at this point at going forward.

Your post(s) do not designate a geography but your valued/experienced opinions prove to be mostly correct. Follow the money.

What are your thoughts on Northern Ashtabula county?

Also, what is the latest "thoughts/opinions" for transportation/processing sites from Youngstown to Lake Erie?

Follow the Money...

I personally know the Attorney who worked with Blackridge as they gobbled up 10,000 acres. up in Ashtabula.  Make no mistake, no one with that kind of money ($40 million) invest it blindly.  Again, I wrote here many times infrastructure is not up there yet.  The future for Ashtabula, Lake Erie, Lawrence seaway?  Bigger than the Ohio river, gateway to the world.  Give it time, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, etc., they all weren't the great Cities, by accident, it is the waterway.

In due time.....

Welcome back, brother!  Hasn't been the same without you.

YEAH !!!   Welcome back Ron !   Missed your thoughts and information !  

Ron, Is there ANY hope for Hookstown, Pa. ? (   Beaver County )  ps.   So glad to have you back !  You... were Missed !  

Kicking to the top.....Waiting to hear more on these new UTICA investors.

Folks, Had a brief meeting with the Law Firm handling one of these Giants and he showed me a letter advising that a MOU (memorandum of understand) will be submitted in a few days.  Cross your fingers, this could open the cashflow once again for us landowners.


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