"Two New Global Energy Companies wish to infuse Utica Landowners Cash"

What have I been doing during my self-imposed exile from my beloved GMS?  Aside from driving all over the Utica like a tourist and transporting out-of town investors to see pipelines and cryogenics plants, I even got to drink a glass of port at the Spread Eagle Tavern.

Most importantly, I have been humbled as an invited member to advise two foreign Global Energy Majors who want in......want in the Utica.  Yes people, get ready if it all comes to light here shortly to a new round of big $$$money wanting to invest in our mineral rights. 

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what's your opinion on the area involved.   Northern, Southern;  PA, OH, etc.....  I'm a ways North in central Crawford, but any news is always good to hear about new and more $$ coming into the region....



"The eagle has Landed."

Come on Ron......we need more information than that.

maybe he"s referring to Eagle Oil and Gas

come on ron.. BP is moving out and you say another is moving in???? I think your full of it. you never have details to back yourself up!!!!!!!

He's always all sizzle no steak...


   Just thought I'd drop in as well to wonder about things.

I'm wondering if anyone has called down to Belmont and Harrison Counties to tell those landowners that they have used up a lot of their "Life time per acre value" of $24,000 by taking a $15,000 per acre bonus?

I'm wondering if the O&G companies know about this Life Time Value per Acre?

I'm wondering if the person who came up with the $24,000 per acre lifetime value knows that their credibility has waved Bye Bye?

I'm wondering why DPS Penn Reps live at a meeting I attended in 20011 told us: "The bonus is nothing, the royalty is all you want".

I'm wondering why DPS Penn keeps writing me letters to tell me things like: 1) My lease has issues call us;  2) We want to help you understand your lease and what to expect, call us.

I'm wondering if I should call them (NOT)?

I'm wondering why my leaseholder doesn't call me if I have a lease issue?

I'm wondering if a landowner has a good lease if that could cause a problem with a middle man company who failed to get my name on their money grabbing lease?

I'm wondering why a company from out west would abbreviate their real name, add Penn, then come into Ohio to help me?

I'm wondering when they will change their name to: DPS State Of Ohio Penn (wishful thinking on my part).

I'm wonder if the middleman companies here to help ever had any credibility with the landowners to wave Bye Bye to?

I'm wondering if these wonderings will cause me to be censored again?

If so I'lll put a copy in your email.

Have a nice day for sure Ron.

DPS Penn existed simply to do the work of Chesapeake.  Maybe Chesapeake should change their name to Lake Erie Energy.  Would that make your geographical OCD any better?


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