From what i found somewhere:

Go to link,

Scroll down to Tyler County Web Base Tax and Document Inquiry, click this link just under it:

At the next screen is 'Document Inquiry' and 'Tax Inquiry'.

If you want to see tax information, choose 'Tax Inquiry'.

For Documents,

choose 'Document Imaging' tab this time. Names searches are always done last name first, no commas. As in Smith John. Put in owner's last and first name in the appropriate boxes.

Next you'll get a listing of items under that person's name and whether it's a lease, deed, etc. Click "View" on the far left and that will take you to a copy of the document that you can print. (I think you need to contact the County Clerk about the printing, or order from them).

Someone else told me :

The Tyler County website is tricky. If you want deeds before the mid ninety's, you need to install a separate app on your desktop. Basically after the page loads and you click on document image button, you go to far right and right click on the button farthest right that says right click (there may be two). You then left click " remove this application". When that is finished you right click again on the button which has a new name..."Book/Page" and you have the option to install "WEB book and Page application onto this computer". This will install a link on your desktop which you can then use to find older deeds......

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Wow ... thank you My Dear ... I will try that.  Even if the land sold back in the day ... if the mineral rights did not go with the land ... our family should be listed there?  Am I allowed to give you my email directly? Is that against the rules?

thank you ... thank you ...

just emailed. If you have general questions on how to use that system, it would be good to ask here so maybe other people can either learn or help us!


It's not against the rules, but it's considered best practice to put your email in a personal message to a person.  You may see an uptick in spam to that email address now.

If your family reserved mineral rights their name should be listed on the Land Books, and consequently taxed.  However, when I was abstracting back in the day I ran across plenty of interests that hadn't been taxed and weren't listed in the Land Books.  There are various reasons, but the important thing is that it happens.  Your family might not be listed in spite of the fact that they actually own minerals.

I have seen several instances of oil gas and mineral rights not being listed in the tax records. I have read that some counties have chosen not to record and tax mineral rights until they are producing and bringing in royalty payments to the owner. Not sure how Tyler does it. In addition, I know that sometimes (maybe often) when the minerals are severed (surface is sold but mineral rights are retained, or maybe 1/2 minerals are retained) the mineral rights owner is not entered on the tax record, so doesn't get a tax bill. When the original owner dies, often the children don't know what was owned. It is only when the landmen or abstractors start tracing the ownership of a tract of land that the mineral owner is discovered.

Thanks to both of you.


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